Rescue Journal

good friday early thinking....or....the struggles at saints.

Carol  ·  Apr. 22, 2011

i am beat..the last couple of days have been physically, mentally and emotionally packed...yesterdays sick call wasn't as bad...kathy k and tammy came to help with the cleaning and laura walked the mp guys late in the day. but i wasn't expecting prudence to hit a crisies so soon and i had totally forgotten that at 10am 25 douglas college students were arriving for a tour..... oops.

the switch over from making the admission decisions from me to the board has been tough on all of us. for me because this would be one of my control freak issues and for them because they know this too. so i am trying to be respectful and let them struggle thru to do a really difficult job without me tapping my foot.

and it occurs to me...i have close to 20 years experience at this...and they have about 24 hours...hmmm. so we have had on going discussions and i have fired off a bunch of helpful hints about deciding about life and death things. i think we all feel better now with some saints specific guidelines and decision process tools/ suggestions as a starting point. and as a final back up thing...i will leave their "no"'s alone but i will have veto power on any "yes"....just in case we can't handle someone here that they think maybe we can.

mo calls this point for us growing pains...mostly because it freaking hurts!

i am now 2 full days behind on my list of must do's because of 2 days short staffed....i am starting to feel that really stressed rock in my gut...there is stuff here that i HAVE to get the final year end push.
it doesn't help that several of the animals are currently unwell or a couple of crises like colicking dixie and suddenly end of life prudence takes immediate precedence over anything else.

i wonder if a set of boring and uneventful holidays where i just cheerfully piddle around going down my list of to-do-things... is even possible? it has never happened before so i don't think it ever will.

oh well..i better quit my whining and get moving around here..i want breakfast and then i want to stock the feed room before the volunteers get here.