Animal Updates

Easter with the saints

Jenn  ·  Apr. 24, 2011

On Friday Kathy had a suprise in her bag when she arrived ... she called me over and lo and behold she has five sets of pink bunny ears. Ha! So round I went turning various volunteers and saints into bunnies. Of course I had my camera with me :)

Bambi 2, Brent, Carol, Mini Me, and Bud--bunnized


Gilbert and Ellie--getting their bunny on

and our house bunnies--Ashley, Carol Anne, Lynne and Anne

Our barn bunnies--Mo, Kathy and her niece and nephew and Bunny

Hootie Bunny and Jerry Bunny and Joey Bunny

Percy did not want to be a bunny. He quite likes being a cow.

and Larry looks more like a fairy than a bunny

HAPPY EASTER from the saints!!!



Larry the SAINTS fairy.. what a cutie & nice to see him hanging out in his favorite spot...the sun.

Carol Ann

I am amazed you got the fellas to wear those pink bunny ears. (the human ones ) Larry looks saintly and Ellie seems to like them. Gilbert looks proud lol. Aren't we the beautiful bunch ? I love SAINTS.