Rescue Journal

the problem with a nice night out...

Carol  ·  Apr. 27, 2011

is getting up the next morning. i made big and brave sounds about phoning in sick for work but in the end this weinie obeyed the sounding alarm and got my ass out of bed....and while i am tired..i ain't

hi ho hi ho its off to work i go.....but not quite yet.

i checked on pops already...he is up on his feet so that is one less worry.

suzie and squirt aren't in the best of moods...suzie is already sleepily snarling at all passer-bys...they lost their recent focus in life....taking OCD care of larry. i had a peek in his ears before he passed away and i have to admit..psycho nurses or not...larry died with sparkling clean little ears.

dogs who choose their own jobs usually are pretty dedicated to fulfilling their duties well.

sigh...i have to do something about monty...not sure what tho. his dental did not fix up his chronic mouth pain. so we had to go back to the steroid injections...and he just had one of those a couple of weeks but he is starting to scream once again. i will call the vets on my break today and see what they suggest.

i found all of the bits of paper i could find for the year end yesterday...finally...but still very late, part of this is now off my plate so that is a relief. i have to get better at this tho..i am so absolutely terrible about any kind of paper things.

well...another set of NOT vacation is next set booked is so i can kill myself getting ready for our annual open house. and since my brain is back in earning a paycheque mode..i better get this body dressed and get into work now i guess.



I am so glad to hear that Pop's is up. I hope he is not in any pain and that he gets to enjoy the rest of his life having fun at SAINTS with friends who love him. He's not alone any more.

Bunny Horne

Hi, Carol, I was able to obtain the 4 drawer filing cabinet for $20. Saints gets first right of refusal. If you can use it - I will bring it with me when Brent and I come out to work on Sunday. If not, I will pass it on to another non-profit society.