Rescue Journal

i finally put in the last book order late last night..

Carol  ·  Apr. 28, 2011

my apologies for the tardiness of this to those who pre-paid and have been patiently waiting (i have not forgotten you...i think i have everyone on my list). and i could only order what has been paid for so sorry to any slow pokes, you missed the boat but you will be able to order directly from blurb as you wish.

estimated shipping date is may 5th.

new incoming...a senior poodle cross... ETA sometime on friday (i will need to pick her up from the vets cuz i want to get her bloodwork done first..sounds like a possible cushings or thyroid problem which would be good to know fairly quick.)

i think i am more tired today then i was yesterday...not good. i will really try to get to bed earlier tonight so i can catch up on my sleep a bit.

yoshi is getting better from an acute gastritis attack.
blue is not doing really great right now, he has diarrhea, his appetite is off and he is not as perky as he was.
sebastion is fighting off a bigger than usual cold.
mac and also cliff are barely holding one off too.
marvin's eating days are up and down.
bond has perked up over the past week and back to being a total milk freak.
mandy is starting to cough a fair amount.
dixie has a swollen eye (the vet will be out today to look at her and popeye)
pops is doing ok i think and dionne and ryan are able to cool down his feet easier now that they all have a workable foot care routine.
chica is getting quiet again..this always worries me a lot.

and i think everyone else is stable and doing their usual thing and not on my worry list right now....and i better get moving here so have a good day!