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i think our blog should have a cool name...

Carol  ·  Apr. 28, 2011

lot's of blogs have really cool names.

but the name has to be has to be point in calling your blog "the ass-blog" and promoting it as a blog about rescuing donkeys if you only have one slightly boring donkey and most of your blog content is stories and pictures about bees sucking necter from the wildflowers out in his field.

i can't really call this a rescue blog..altho it is primarily about the ins and outs of rescue...but that's a boring handle anyway, everyone's blog in rescue is about rescue....where is the mystery in that? i do like to occasionally blow of some steam around here but the bitchin-blog is pushing that a bit far cuz i only whine and bitch 50% of the time...the rest of the time i am sort of mildly ok. i can't name the blog after one of the animals...lets say i picked gideon..."blogging with the white knight"...well... lets be 35 years old he might be dead soon, and then what do i do? change it to "blogging with the dead white knight?"
phoebe might be around for a long, long time...but it would be in poor taste to name a blog after her and then suddenly one day have her drive me so insane that i end up murdering her. you just can't name a blog after a dog that you sometimes want to kill....what if it happens?'d have to change the blog name really quick and hope no one notices the name change cuz they might wonder what happened to her. i was thinking...what do i blog about?...hmmm....pretty much anything..from soggy foot, to the cute little bastards, to things pissing me off, how big my nose has suddenly grown, sticky up hair, positive energy, toxic waste, good movies, bad movies, menopause, sleepless at saints, close to dead, the walking dead, the real dead..all of whom never really seem to die anyway, letters to god (who never actually answers by the way!) and hot chocolate and baileys....(mmmm...having one right now!)..the list is endless.

geez whizzers i blog a lot..holy crappola..."The Blog-A-Lot!"

hmmm...could be....what do you think?

oh...and here is a treat for you..."crazy baby" favorite baby picture of jenn (cuz folks seem to like blog-photo's too!))




i don't have a clue what to call it but i really seriously hope the banner/header/whatever will feature little Larry's smiling face


Yes, All Creatures Great and Small as well as Animal Farm are book and movie titles. Perhaps someone could come up with a play on words.

Bunny Horne

You could name it "Jenn's going to Kill Her Mom" Blog. That could work.

Chris T

You could name it after Maude.

I think all creatures greet and smack was taken by Jamer Herriott.


Totally off topic Carol do you use Interceptor at Saints? If so i have 2 boxes of Interceptor white 12/tablets that I am going put in with the Revolution. I will mail this weekend :)