Rescue Journal

we just lost blue.

Carol  ·  Apr. 29, 2011


he has been in the vets since early this morning hooked up on IV's. all we could get him to eat yesterday was one and a half peices of toast. despite the IV's he started spiraling downwards and by 6 pm the vet called and said she did not think he would last thru the night. his bloodwork had just come back and he was in kidney shutdown.
i hurried down to the clinic to be with him when he passed away. i was able to take off his muzzle (he had already bitten one of the techs today) so blue could leave this world without being muzzle restrained...i know he liked that...he had a ton of pride.


blue was a really old dog..according to his previous owners he was 22 yrs of age. blue was a really tough old dog, he didn't take crap from anyone. and blue was a really nice old tough dog too. he loved getting hugged and petted, he liked his face to be held. he really liked the good treats we had around here and he LOVED...really LOVED.... hanging out at the barn.

rest in peace blue...we will miss you and we wish you could have stayed with us for a little really liked it here and that made all of us love you even more.




Blue is a beautiful and loving dog. I was honoured to be able to offer him some Reiki. I know we were bonded when we first met. Blue, rest in peace. I love you and will definitely miss you.


and that is what i think the coolest part about saints is....they can choose...(ok...not the cats so much cuz they would be choosing the barn and i won't let them out...) but..the dogs can choose to hang out with you..or hang out at the barn or come back to the house when they think food might be happening and then go back out to the barn if they want.

and even the cats have some choices too...they can hang out in the kitchen/computer room or one of the 2 back cat rooms..or they can go out into one of the outside areas if they want to be outside.

the mp building animals haven't got as many choices but then they all get to live with less animals cuz that was ultimately their choice too.

and all of them from cows to horses to ducks, chickens, rabbits, cats and dogs...all have some humans who think they are really pretty special.

this would be the best part of saints..the part that lets them hang out where ever or with whoever it is that they want.


I am far too secure in my own arrogance to not care if you think I am wrong... LOL.


i was thinking tho that you are right each of the animals has a different relationshop with us. i will let all the animals go out to the barn with mo but i go out there with them and i bet that a dozen of them will follow me back they like to be in the house and i selfishly think it is because they like to be with me maybe they do maybe they dont but they all hang around me and i really like that they like me. so maybe they do pick out the people they like. i can only hope cause i love those guys.


no carol you are way out of my leauge to piss off . maybe sheila but me i am a wuss. lol


lol...i am not taking it as a critism..i am merely pointing out the reasons why i disagree. since we disagree occasionally on various things i thought i would give you a chance to come over to my side (ahem..what i view as the right side!) and good for you for admitting you were thinking the same..even if you do both happen to be off i pissing you off yet?..when was our last rip roaring argument anyway..i am trying to decide if i miss them or not?

ok..i decided...not. i might be missing getting taken out for lunch tho...hint..hint.


carol is right tho we all have different relationships to the animals and thank you sheila i do not think your comment was taken as a criticism we see all the animals in a different way and i saw blue as holding back and just observing everything around him. i do not presume to know him or any of the other animals as carol does and i really should not comment on them it is not my place i am not there 7 days a week i truly do love all the animals at saints but it does not make me an expert on them. all i can offer them is a clean dry place on the weekend with lots of hugs andkisses and i do so love them.


I didn't want the comment to be taken as a criticism ... I almost didn't write it. I just felt bad that Lynn had to apologize for a comment that I know I was thinking in my head myself when I met Blue I normally would never even have told you I was thinking it.


our vet felt the same about pixie..that in the week she was with her, pixie didn't seem to connect...she questioned her quality of life too. but the pixie i know is far different then the vet knew. and the yoshi i know is different then the yoshi that probrably laura knows and the blue that some of us knew was different than the blue that sheila and lynne knew...molly rarely leaves the house anymore if i am not around...but if i am going for a walk around the pond, then molly is determined to come along...she is way more physically and emtionally active when i am here.

it is not just preceptions, it is also how much of an actual in depth relationship do we each have with each individual animal. bunny and mo probably know little about doris cuz they just really never see her very much at spent his best times either getting food or toddering around in the barns where sheila and lynne don't spend as much time. most folks know little about the personalities of the mp building cats or the rabbits..but tammy (and helga with the FeLV's) know those groups of animals much more intimately than most of the volunteers..

different experiences with different animals for most everyone here depending on which animals they get to know the best.
i am in a unique position cuz i know them all really well...but then i get to live with them all here.

colleen b

Colin - I think you got that just right. What an amazing bunch of people and animals xoxo


Just so you know Lynn you weren't the only one - I only met Blue once and I was thinking in my head you look pretty lost there old fella. But maybe that was exteme old age because, like I said, I only met him once.


I am so very sorry that you have had such a tough run lately with the loss of so many of your special animals. Saints to me seems like a little plot of land that fell from heaven with many angels taking care of the ones that need it.


sorry everyone, i should not have made the connection comment as i really am not in that position. i did not mean either that he was not happy at saints he did fit in with all the other animals and he had a great ending to his life. he will be missed and wish he could have been around longer but he did go knowing he was loved.

Bunny Horne

I really really loved this dog. He was beautiful to look at and beautiful in spirit. I am really going to miss him out at the barn and on the pasture walks. Recently everyone headed out for a pasture walk and Blue was far behind. He and I walked so slowly down to the pasture, all the way I had to urge him, "come on Blue, come on Baby" and by the time we got down to the lower pasture all the other dogs were now back at the barn. Then we made our slow transition back up to the barn. I will precious the time I spent with him on Easter Sunday sitting on the ground just outside the barn holding Blue's beautiful face in my hands. I WILL miss you. Rest in peace beautiful Blue.


Last Tuesday evening he was always trucking along with the whole herd, quietly standing in front of you for a bit of loving. My first meeting with him. He was beautiful.

Ann C

Blue, you were a sweetheart and soft as a teddy bear, we will all miss you.....sweet dreams.


Blue definetly connected...just look at those pictures.
When you held is head in your hands and looked into those gorgeous blue eyes he saw you and knew that he was loved! Sorry your time with us was so short but so glad you in peace sweet boy.


I was not expecting to lose him so soon when I dropped him off at the vets this morning. I love you Blue, you quickly found a spot in my heart and I will miss you so :(


why would you get in shit for wishing old dogs could die in their homes?
your dogs will die with you because you are committed to keeping them safe and loved.
not all dogs have that kind of home..if they did..they wouldn't be here.
from what i heard about blue's past life...he would have one morning simply been found dead in the back yard...all alone.
and i think you are wrong in blue not connecting...i know he connected with me because he always came to me for affection (and food)...and i know he connected with renee because he followed her everywhere, all day long..he liked being with her and i believe he connected with ko, mo and some of the barn folks too cuz he really liked being out there with them, it was just he was very, very old...he couldn't bounce around like a maniac, wagging his tail like a moronic goof, he had arthritic changes in his lower back and was too old for that kind of thing he toddled around to where he wanted to go next a little bit slow and then hung out watching and putting himself in the middle of things.


i am so sorry for blue, he never really had much of a chance he was very sweet i am going to get in shit for this blog but i would have had him pass away in my arms being loved by his owners i saw him at saints a lot and he always seemed to be a bit lost and out of sorts i guess people do things differently but myself i would have loved him and helped him to pass. my old dogs will alway;s pass in my arms and as much as i love saints they will be with me to the end. blue always just was there and seemed to not connect with anythng. rest in peace sweet dog


Blue was such a sweet boy and he was there for such a short time. I will sure miss that boy.

Carol Ann

oh Blue --he was a sweet old dog. wish he could have stayed longer. He was so cute the way he would stand in a doorway and not move in or out so you could not close the door. so glad you were with him at the end Carol and took off the muzzle. R I P old Blue YOU WERE LOVED !

The Food Lady

Poor old Blue :( But thank you Carol and SAINTS for taking him in when it became very obvious he wasn't fitting in here! You gave him the best weeks of his whole rotten life, and for that YOU are a saint!