Rescue Journal

Dear Moron:

Carol  ·  May 5, 2011

let me just say to the person or persons who dumped their two cats in a carrier at the bottom of my driveway sometime last night in the pissing and pouring down rain....

are you freaking kidding me? are you that thoughtless, unkind, uncaring of your cats feelings and needs that you cannot figure out that by the time i found them this morning, they were absolutely beyond terrified????
have you heard of the SPCA? they are open from 9 am til 5 pm 7 days a week? you couldn't have driven to abbotsford and respectfully and with at least some kind of dignity surrendered them there? you had to leave them by the side of the road in the dark all alone with cars zipping by, with rain pouring down, with raccoons and coyotes wandering around? you had some kind of intelligent reason for this??

and did it possibly occur to you that the reason all of our messages say we are full..might be because we have no money...might be because we have no space..might just be because we are finding the actual workload backbreaking and difficult to care for the 140 animals already here?

so you just thought you would without asking, without checking, dump on us a couple of more?

how do you know we are even going to look after them???...maybe we really suck at rescue and we will let them stop eating and drinking, get sick, and die and not even notice? how the fuck do you know if you just dumped them in a terrible place to get lost among all of the others?

you don't know cuz you did not ask us if we could help your two little just assumed that we would do it because aren't all rescues supposed to take excellent care of every single countless and never fucking ending animal dumped on them every fucking day by every clueless fucking idiot who can't find the spca?

hello? SENIOR ANIMALS IN NEED TODAY SOCIETY (AKA SAINTS)...we try to help senior animals when we possibly can. your two four year old cats just spelled two senior cats death sentences on some shelter death row somewhere.

way to go.

SAINTS welcomes scar and nola..who i am now calling Maestro and Sage cuz they don't want to ever have any further connection with you including their past life names.



Perhaps these two can be the stars in an upcoming Take Me Home Tuesday feature, as much as it is great the cats are safe... they are young & ( hopefully ) healthy and deserve the best chance at having their very own home with people who will keep their committment to them.

I love their new names & look forward to meeting them.

Nicole N

KARMA is a bitch... I can't even share what my hopes are for the people involved in this. SCUMBAGS!!!!

Welcome to SAINTS Maestro and Sage... your lives are about to get much better!!!!

Carol Ann

The shit never ends. Lucky for the cats they were dumped at saints. Just imagine where they could have dumped them. Poor Carol but the cats got lucky this time.


Carol, I wish I could write something the way you do. As pissed as you are you still saved two more lives. Although I have never met you I sure wish I knew more people like you!


Well said, Carol. Once again, someone with the "it's only an animal" attitude has proven what an idiot they truly are! Sage and Maestro, you're in a MUCH better home where you aren't "just an animal"!


if i say what i think, i'm afraid what i say will come back and bite me in the ass.

you will be cared for, Sage and Maestro.


i thought about the possiblity of trading but for 2 reasons..i can't. A. unlike their past idiot owners..i am now feeling 100% responsible for them and their happiness and animals around means they are like baseball cards...i will give you 2 whoevers for two someone elses...makes me feel wrong.

Cheryl K

I think Carol would have a hard time surrenduring these kitties to another shelter now after their hair raising night on the side of the road..what can one say about something like this..unbelievable..
I am so sorry about this..

I have often thought about these shelters that have night drops..and it is like a shute..I can't imagine the terror the animal goes thru being dropped down one of those into no where land..

welcome Maestro and Sage to a new better life..


bunch of fuckin assholes. poor cats. good on you carol for respecting, revering and understanding the animals that take the brunt of peoples stupid selfish decisions.


That is so heartless of them! Dumping those poor kittys off in the bad weather and where wild animals roam.I hope they get what they deserve!


since these are young cats with a chance for adoption, can you "trade" them with Abbotsford/SPCA/whomever for two sick seniors?