Rescue Journal

todays updates

Carol  ·  May 9, 2011

maestro and sage decided to start eating today...they both had a few temptations treats and sage chowed down on some snappy tom tonight. tammy noticed on the weekend that they are declawed. and that explains it all...if you can cut off the ends of your cats front toes for convenience and without remorse...dumping them at the bottom of a driveway in the dark and rain, probably seems like an ok idea too...i should have figured they were declawed.

jack is back..i am starting him out in the office and will try to move him forward from there. jack is such a cool guy...he handles the change in his circumstances like a true champ...he is such a good boy!

al had his vet check...not much showed up..just some yeast in his ears. i am to moniter his weight and see how he does but i do think it is deep pain somewhere that is disturbing him.

we were short staffed again today so except for al's appointment, i didn't get any of my supply run stuff done. tomorrow i will have to kick ass to fit it all in cuz i am back to work again after that for another god damn 5 days in a row.
i am so in favor of a 3 day work life would be so much less stressful!


Cheryl K

Sadly there are often folks looking for declawed cats so they just might find a home makes me feel rather defences, can't climb a tree or swat for protection..and don't tell me it didn't hurt like hell to have done..
If they go on petfinder ensure the declawed symbol is used..