Rescue Journal

good morning...maybe not.

Carol  ·  May 11, 2011

ugrhhh...bad back this morning again. not bad enough that i can't get into work in a bit but bad enough that it wrecks my happy morning routine.

might have been the raking/re-seeding of the bottom field yesterday...oh least it is done.

jack spent most of the day out in the barn with the barn guys yesterday. he had a good day. on my next set of days off, i will try to move him from the office to the house and see how he does then.

i helplessly watched this morning as shane lifted his leg on minnie pearls bed and got her sleeping head in the process. i could not stop him cuz i couldn't move fast enough and he is totally deaf so he couldn't hear me. honestly...he puts not a shred of thought into where he is marking..he just lifts his leg and pees. it is the only thing that drives me nutz about him..other than that he is perfect in every way. if he could just learn to be a thoughtful pisser instead of a random would make me happy....esp. on bad back days.

webster had his vet check yesterday to look at his thyroid again. he just is not getting good control not even with the new meds. just waiting for his blood work to come back to see where his thyroid is at.

mystic and jelly are gently playing with a toy right next to me...except jelly keeps jarring my hip with her giant rotti bucket head and right now that hurts me. i guess i better put her back in the entranceway before she makes the back spasms mystics head now is all wet and slimey...gross.

sigh..and i guess i better get dressed, i need to leave by 6:15....yay....i am too old and wrecked for this early morning get moving quicker while surrounded by idiot dogs shit...both figuritively and literally.