Rescue Journal

speaking of the weight challenged....

Carol  ·  May 13, 2011

little cherry pit has been on my mind a lot...she is getting fed about four times a day..twice with me and twice with renee but i don't see her packing on any ounces. i think tommorrow i will try her on baby food mixed with recovery or AD... she eats so little at each time that i want to ensure she is getting the greatest amounts of proteins and calories. that benefill that she likes is just not doing the trick... time to move on and upwards to something else.

Cherry Pie

pixie has finally a bit of meat on her frail old bones...but it has literally taken months just to get her even close to a decent weight. marvin is getting took three tries tonight before he would accept his dinner..tonight it was baby cat kitten canned food...tomorrow it will be something different.

Pixie Dust

sage quite likes snappy tom and the merricks fishy type foods....maestro is still basically just eating temptations..i can't seem to find a canned food that he likes.

Sage and Maestro

jack was a bit lonely tonight so i spent a bit of time with him. he really didn't like his first dinner too much so i took it away and fixed it up better for him...then he dug right in! i will tell you tho that the cost of one week worth of just specialty foods for the extra picky or very frail.... is getting a bit burdensome..last weeks specialty food cost was close to 200 bucks...ouch!

the board is still getting innodated with requests to get into saints...i do not envy them at all!
ok..bed buddy time has arrived.



Carol: I have a mostly blind tea cup poodle who is down to 2 1/2 to 3 lbs when the vet wants her at at least 4 lbs. I feed her Prescription Diet D/D meat Hypoallergenic mashed with warm water and I add pabulum, mixed cereal with no milk so she doesn't just fill up on the watery part which is easier for her to eat as she has few teeth and she laps it up. I found warmer made it more aromatic and thus more acceptable. Sometimes if it is too cold I warm for a few seconds in the micrwave. The vet said she could have it multiple times a day. Also feed it on saucers to make it easier to get at and in her case see.

Hope this helps for your skinny minnies.



I enjoy reading the blogs now :) I hope to meet all the animals there at some point :D