Rescue Journal

i had such a decent day today...

Carol  ·  May 17, 2011

the weather was beautiful, we had full staff today plus lynne and kath k came up and lent a couple of extra hands at some stuff, the animals were all good, i won 20 bucks on a lottery ticket, sheila and anne popped out for a quick visit, i enjoyed a nice lunch with tammy, got a few put off errands done, including my annual cheapo hair chop off grooming...oh and i finally hung all of the recent lost ones windchimes.

all was well til 5pm when dionne came in to tell me dixie was colicking again (thank you dionne for noticing right away!)...but thx not so much dixie...oh yay. she has been walked, (thank you laura for spelling me on this!) the vet has come and gone, she got her IV pain and sedation meds and some bloodwork drawn. she had a half feed of dinner and is now back in the barn and i will check her every hour til she poops, and walk her again as she needs it til i am sure she is good.

i told her colicking twice in a month is against my saints no colicking rule...but at least she is colicking in the late afternoon when we know it and not late at night when she is alone. we need web cameras in the barn if dixie is going to continue to be a gastrointestinal worry...i shudder to think what would happen if we were not right on top of this for her.

at least it is not pissing down rain for my night time dixie checks...there is always a bright side to everything i suppose.

9:30 update...
dixie pooped...yay! now i can have a hot bath cuz my knee is sore from walking her!



Carol I will talk to my Brother about the web cam he he mentioned in the past about donating.


if you want a good laugh check out you tube talking dog video, it's one with a shepperd mix dog and the guy is talking about bacon...don't know how to post from there to here...I emailed Carol....


If you're thinking of a webcam, this company has a web cam 24/7 monitoring service (they're US based, and do Canada as well) It's used mostly for mares about to foal, but can be used for just about anything.

Anyone from anywhere, anytime could check in on Dixie and alert you if needed.

Poor Dixie, hope she feels better soon.