Rescue Journal

do not pay for any more raffle tickets on pay pal til further notice please.

Carol  ·  May 18, 2011

apparently this is an issue with their terms of use...sheila will look into it today and sort it out.

i checked dix this morning and while she did not poop any more during the night (which somewhat worries me...), she looks ok this morning, at least she was ignoring me which is probably a good thing.. i will touch base with the vets in a bit and see what they think.



Sharon and KO you are okay. Please read the above post - two last paragraphs.


Hi Sheila, I bought my tickets on PayPal already. Will there be a problem with that and did you get the payment?


Ashley and anyone else who like to pay for the tickets out of the comfort of your home please email and indicate how many tickets you would like and mail the cheque to 15570 58A Avenue
Surrey BC V3S 4N8.


One more thing, Carol, do you have any use for 2 large dog kennels? Or know of anyone that does??


If you can't buy through paypal is it cash for the raffle tickets? I will be away for the month but I don't want to miss out! How do I get my tickets??


Hi Carly

I think I read that there are 400 tickets being sold , of that 400 , 100 are offered at the single price of $15 and the reamining 300 are being bundled into groups of 3 & sold for $30. So there are 100 bundles of 3 tickets & 100 single tickets.

Carol - I understand the tickets are at SAINTS. I will be taking 15 of the bundles of 3...if they are going fast..hide some for me..please


When I buy hospital lottery tickets and such they are all sold on the internet under BC gaming.. I wonder why they would be different?