Rescue Journal

sigh...everything seems so complicated in the animal-free world.

Carol  ·  May 18, 2011

now i remember why we have avoided ever doing a saints raffle before...they are just too intricately complicated, it is too easy to accidently screw up. oh well, the government gaming guru's will help us work it out..i figure they are very well versed in small charity raffle first timers making mistakes...i bet they all have big bottles of tylenol by their phones at their desks.

we will keep you updated...for now, the only way to pay for raffle tickets is in person, or thru mail, cash or cheque. for those who paid by pay pal...if they tell us to refund to you we will do that asap and reserve your tickets and you can choose one of the other payment options. our deepest apologies to everyone, and hopefully we will get some help tomorrow to sort the rest of this thru.

anyway...back to my neck of the woods which i understand much better...

pixie was vomitting this morning so she was taken into the vets. they took some blood and gave her an injection to settle her stomach and she was back home within a couple of hours feeling much better.

cherry was sent in too, she is still hard to feed and she appeared to be feeling quite weak. they drew blood on her also and did a couple of xrays. it looks like she has some gravel inside her. the vets asked me if she could have eaten some gravel outside or gotten into some clay based kitty litter in the house. no on both accounts. she hasn't been strong enough to go outside and she has been nowhere near any kind of cat litter but especially the clay kind cuz we do not use it here...i hate that stuff. we use the pine pellets that dissolve down into a fine saw dust is safer for everyone...and it is cleaner to use too...and not even any of that is in the same area as cherry.

so if she has gravel inside has been there for awhile cuz she had to be eating whatever that was before she arrived since there is no way she was near anything close to dirt, gravel, clay or sand while she has been at saints. they have suggested i give her a bit of mineral oil to help it move along. this will have to wait til tomorrow cuz the tiny bit of torb they gave her for possible discomfort is making her sleep.

both of their bloodworks should be back by tomorrow for sure.

dixie is fine again, so far no recurence of her last nights colic attack.

everyone seems settled and peaceful so i am hoping for a quiet and early night because i am switching down to the early morning shift tomorrow and need to be out of here before 6 am. my knee is quite swollen and sore so i am thinking a good dose of advil, to bed early with an ice pack and when i wake up it should feel least that is my current plan.

caring for sick animals (or sore human knees) is far simpler and easier than trying to navigate thru incomprehensible (to me) raffle brain just doesn't work as well in the outside of feeling well or unwell, to me it's a weirdly complicated raffle rule world.