Rescue Journal

how do you spell trouble?

Carol  ·  May 19, 2011

you could spell it...
m.i.n.i. dash m.e.

four pounds of fiesty fur decided to go into heat tonight.

i sent her in for a spay when i sent her in for her very last and singularly only tooth extraction..which by the way, she conveniently let fell out on the floor the night before her surgery. the vets found a spay scar (which i am now thinking was probably a distant past cesarian scar) and little miss trouble came back to saints toothless and supposedly sterile to continue turning the house (and everyone in it) mini-me upside-down.

well if i thought one little tiny dog couldn't cause any more possible chaos..i was totally wrong. a mini in heat is a cyclone of stirring even more shit up.

al is pretty much ready to have a heart attack...70 pound 17 yr old dogs need to keep far away from sultry mini's...he has spent the entire evening focused on figuring out a careful and gentle way to try to hump a tiny but willing ball of fluff..i finally sent him to bed before he had a stroke from concentrating on this sexy imp who keeps getting right under his nose. he doesn't seem to get that he is neutered so he should leave her alone.

joey, the fat boy is also ready to have a heart attack or possibly a is all just so exciting for him to have his own mini marilyn monroe, schwooshing and swaying and sas-shaying also under his nose. joey thinks he is the italian stallion...apparently long ago being neutered hasn't even entered his drooling mind.

even lil big bud is following her everywhere she goes...i can't get that dog to go for a walk to the pond but he will traipse miles around in circles to be near his now beloved mini....bud is far too out of shape for this level of sudden activity.

the rest of the dogs are simply upset cuz those three will not settle is up and down and hither and yonder, over here and over there..where ever miz mini-me goes, the three faithful musketeers must follow.

and mini is moving all over the place..she can't seem to settle.

the dogs are yelling at them..i am yelling at them...fer-chrissakes will you guys knock it off and just stay freaking put somewhere!

well besides being in is totally deaf so she can't hear me... ( personally i think if she is old enough to be deaf...she is far too old to be thinking about sex)

anyway...excuse my language but shit! and god damn it to hell! now i have to put up with a mini me sex machine for at least two weeks before i can send her back in to get a real spay scar!

the last golden oldie who snuck in past our spay radar and slipped in under the no ancient sex ever wire...was maude.

once we got her spayed...maude was a really good dog...and i really miss her.

mini may be old...but...
she is most definitely not dead.

"Hellooooo, boys...."



I'm sorry, but I find this highly amusing! ;) She's a cute little deaf bombshell rockin' the Saints world.

I love that the ancient NEUTERED boy dogs have lost all brain cells for the little Mata Hari! hee hee hee


funny thing about the millys we get in at saints, they are never spayed. my millie (aka slasher cat) was also not spayed. remember i called you and all you did was laugh at the noises she was making.

Margie that is so funny. Carol, you have a knack for comedic writing!


she's a little hussy, all right! that's what we call our Joanie. she doesn't go into heat, but she winds all the boys (including my dad) right around her only black claw. "what can you do for me? oh, what CAN'T you do for me!"


ahhh yes..i forgot about milly (cuz i didn't have to live thru her heat!)i swear helga when i picked her up from the spca...i truly believed she was at least a respectable ancient 20 something!


I can totally relate to this blog. When Millie turned out to be unspayed and went into heat she developed a major crush on Hardcase. He didn't know what hit him when she put the moves on him. Miz 'Totally Aggressive Can't Stand Other Cats' ended up squished into his bed with him.


hey cam..i need your address so i can send your book on to you...pop me an email when you have a minute or two!


Fantastic post! Too funny (if you're on the outside looking in). The little minx.