Rescue Journal

clipboard carol

Carol  ·  May 21, 2011

wow..good sleep!...early to bed, early to rise...
so where is my healthy, wealthy and wise???

fergus has an orange ball in his mouth...i think prolonged carrying of a ball would be uncomfortable. swallowing would be difficult, the jaw would get tired...fergus apparently doesn't agree with me..oh well buddy, whatever makes you happy.

i think i need to get the septic tank pumped is running really sluggishly when i crane my neck and look at all of the things surrounding me that are needing to be done, it is completely overwhelming. i remind myself, just sit down, do a list and then concentrate on doing each thing by priority individually....and quit wishing you were underwhelmed, that might be nice but it also would be kind of boring.

what i need to do is grab a pencil, paper and clipboard and walk each building, corner to corner, cranny to cranny, nook to nook (what the heck is a nook anyway???) and do the same outside in the fields and yards, compile my list and then prioritize.

yesterday and the day before, after work and on my lunch break, i planted a few flowers in the back yard and the memorial garden which wasn't really a priority (i SHOULD have mowed the lawns!) but it made me happy....i like seeing some flowers in bloom here and there....and it is supposed to rain so i don't have to remember to water them! hah! my timing was perfect for once....except the grass is still too long.

but i better remember to call the septic folks cuz poor timing on that one could be bad!

now where the hell are a pencil and a clipboard which could (should) be my new best friends!

first on the list..
call about the septic
second is find a clipboard, pad of paper and a pencil...
oh..third would be to pay the utility bills before anne kills me..
and then...
oh shit, oh yeah. another rememberence occurence going on in my brain... fourth would be to reluctantly but humanely murder some rats (the buggers are breeding again) and i think they are now down in my crawl space again.
and then let everything else fall into place on the list as it may.

hmmm...if i hadn't spent a whole month on that god damn book..maybe my list would not be as long as i suspect it will more god damn time and mind consuming book making..if i really feel the need to write something big and astounding, it will be a long and never ending to do list on my clipboard.

i just have to find the clipboard...oh, and pencil.