Rescue Journal

not a good start to this day thus far.

Carol  ·  May 22, 2011

blech! i fell asleep last with the scent of advantage lodged in the back of my throat...i don't see why they can't make that stuff smell pleasant instead of like some industrial oily fluid. plus i forget not to pet them in my sleep so i wake up smelling like I just got treated for fleas.

i will have to break with my night time bathing routine cuz i am FINALLY meeting my family for brunch at 1030 today to celebrate my past birthday and mothers day...i better bath before i go or no one will want to hug me and honestly, hugging is the best part of being with family.

phoebe was just up in her bed next to the tv...she was tossing her blanket around and it fell to the floor. she started whining about it so i got up from this chair to pick it up and wrap her up so she would go back to sleep.

when i turned around to head back to the chair...i spied and unfamiliar cat curled up small in the corner by the cat run door. who the hell are you?????

oh was stripe..she had fallen off the fridge and i am not used to seeing her down below me. when i picked her up, i realized not only how tiny and frail she is now..but something was wrong.
she should have been royally pissed off to find herself in my arms. but she wasn't..she was purring.
i popped her back up on the fridge and she kept purring and took a step back to me and promptly started to fall off the fridge again.
i caught her and brought her down to the counter where i could check her out carefully...i think she has suddenly gone blind, and i think maybe she has had a stroke that caused her to lose her vision. but is it permanent or temporary?

stripe doesn't have a clue how to live down on the ground with everyone else and i can't put her back up cuz she is going to fall down. so where do i put her that won't stress her out til we see how much or if any of her vision comes back?

if i move her to the medical room...everything and everyone will be totally unfamiliar..the same will happen if i put her in the back cat rooms....she has never been back there.

and this would be now the stupidity i see in letting an ancient (23 yr old cat) live on top of the fridge for the past 6 years....eventually she is not going to be able to live up there safely. shit this is going to be like moving an elderly person out of their comfortable, familiar little apartment and sticking them on the first floor, in the middle of a busy care facility.

god shane! that's the third freaking time you pissed on the corner of that bed...hootie was laying there you freaking idiot-stick..piss on an empty bed!

oh crap......big bambi just stood up and turned over...she has a bright red, bloody looking stain on her right shoulder...i forgot that advantage melts the dye on the red leather couches!

i think i am going to call cedar grove when they open and take pixie in...she is still vomitting, but it is just water so i didn't know she was still vomitting til i saw her do it again last night. maybe i will take stripe in for a check over as well.

poor pixie....poor to be not well. i am quite worried about both of them..i hope the vet can see them early...and i hope it doesn't interfer with seeing my family cuz if it does...i am going to be singing poor me as well (i have been changing dates and ditching them for 3 weeks now.) i am a pretty good rescuer but i sometimes suck as a mom.

and....this sunday in rescue is SOOOO starting to suck.