Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 22, 2011

deep bad mood is easing up a bit.
i yelled at the dogs for being stupid and getting into my way for about 10 minutes, then i took 2 tylenol and laid down with them for half an hour.

now i realize i am the stupid one...they are always in my is normal, it is is the way of our world so what the hell i am i complaining about it for today?

i moved stripe into a cage..she is not happy but then she wasn't happy in the bathroom either. and at least in the cage she is not getting stuck behind the waste basket or tripping over the toilet brushes, or getting stuck behind the toilet which i personally find really upsetting..not sure how she feels about it tho. she may dislike the cage as much as the bathroom, but it is smaller, safer, warmer and with less stuff for her to have to navigate around.

i wonder how the pixie pop is doing? they promised me she would have a ton of blankets to burrow herself in..she gets so cold sometimes and i am not around to cover her up constantly.
i think i am in a bad mood cuz they are both at a cross roads...they will get better or they won't and there isn't much i can do.

i hate the whole cross road really is just a no where land of powerlessness with no signs to point out the best way to get back home..the place where they feel safe and is a lonely, dreary, scary, shitty place for both stripe and pixie to be stuck in today.


Ann C

Back from my weeekend a day earlier than planned, son-in-laws drag car broke down, so will be in to help tomorrow. See you then.