Rescue Journal

i'd like to teach the world to sing....

Carol  ·  May 26, 2011

not really.
i'd rather teach the dogs to be quiet.

sigh..too much puppy playing going on around here again. mystic is using the doggy door as the perfect place to pop in and out to safely ambush sherlock where he has a hard time getting her least those two play silently. noelle is laying on her bed tho..bitching away at them...she doesn't like puppies goofing around in the house in the morning.

it occurs to me that i haven't heard back from the septic folks so i better call someone else....and can any of the mission folks recommend someone reliable and good (with their phone number)? embarrassingly my phone book is from 2006...time warp...where the heck are the phone books from 2007-2011? i guess we didn't get them for some reason and i just noticed this now.

i need to do some cat shifting around..there are a couple of highly special needs coming in. so someone is going to have to vacate the medical room and move over to the house...just not quite sure yet who that should be....whoever it not going to be initially very happy...the medical room is full of the big weinie babies. there is not an emotionally solid cat in there...except probably for garfield and he can be a bit of a twit and i don't need any more of those kind of cats in the house.

oh where are the hooks of the cat rescue world? there was an emotionally rock solid cat! i am missing hook today.

also...i am looking for one of those small vinyl or leather 2 seater love seats like you see in waiting rooms everywhere...i need it for the pen beside the bird aviaries so if anyone sees one in their thrift store or garage sales travels...please grab it for me. i don't care how much it costs..i just want one cuz it is perfect for that space and i might be putting a cat in there and want it to be nice and homey and easy to clean for him or her.

i guess i better get ready for work...thank god it is almost friday.



Yes Beaver!! Thats it Tammy, now I can sleep tonight! A bit of a handful if I remember correctly ha ha!


Hey Emma, was the young black and white cat named Beaver?
There's a name from the past.


I found a leather(or pleather) loveseat FREE on craigslist.I emailed them to see if it's still availible.


For some reason I was thinking about Hook this morning too!! How weird is that?/ I was thinking about all the cats that were there when I first came to SAINTS to take one home. There was Ogidie, Julie, Stripe, Romeo, Pops, Lola, Rainbow, Boo, Dixie, Hester and Jessie and a young black and white cat -can't remember his name now. There was a freak out of the blue snow storm in that area that day and I slid sideways down Stave Lake as it was the only way to get down!!.


My brother inlaw is a plumber.Perhaps he could help? Let me know what the problem is and I can talk to him.

Carol Ann

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