Rescue Journal

you just gotta love the septic suckers..

Carol  ·  May 27, 2011

you have to be a strong person with a good sense of humor to do that job for a living. on the side of the big tanker truck it says..."We are Number 1 in the Number 2 business."

anyway..the guys were pretty cheerful til they started sucking out our tank...then i watched as the frowns started, then the shaking of heads and finally i heard from the distance (i didn 't want to be too close to what they were doing..)..the mumbled, "hmmm...this is not good."

i am not quite sure what could be good about sucking sewage up thru mile long hoses into one's great big truck but i am assuming that there are varying degrees of some kind of goodness that we just happened to fall far short of.

they had to use their big gas powered stir stick thing and they had to stick my hose way down there but eventually they got it all sort of clean. and apparently we desperately need a field flush which i am assuming is a giant septic system enema to put us fully into septic goodness of health again.

whatever....all i know is i wouldn't do their job for all of the tea in china.

soooo.... saints is booked for its giant septic enema flush..oh yay, good thing i am still on days off on monday.



Gross, I haven't eaten dinner yet but it did remind me to check the date of my next colonoscopy.......