Rescue Journal

busy day today!

Carol  ·  May 28, 2011

so sweetie pie has arrived safely...nice dog and is fitting in well. she finally caught onto the mr christie peanut butter pirate cookie thing and has just had her first taste of culinary heaven. i have to say that introducing a shy dog in heat around here is a pretty easy thing to do. sweetie pie is quite happy tp be with all of the dogs, she thinks one of them just might have something to offer. sorry is just wishful thinking from all of them...ain't no one here who has what you think you want.
sigh..she is cheerfully thinking i might be wrong about this...but i'm not.

could god please save me from complusive/obsessive ball playing spaniels....fergie is trying to take out my computer which he is convinced is hiding his ball.

we lost another one of the classy chicks today...the one with the prolapse suddenly became pecking fodder for the others. one of them ripped her under her belly and i rushed her in to the vets to put her down. we pulled another one out today..they had started pecking her neck so that little girl is now in a cage in the shop til her feathers grow back and then i guess i will try her over with the more normal minded chickens. the hen pecked classy chicks seem to do much better when i move them over to there.

i don't think i will ever do battery hens again, their brutality and cannibalism towards each other is too hard for me to handle.

minnie pearle had a severe back spasm episode out at the barn today. i doubled up her tramadol and sent her to bed for a bit. she is a little bit sedated but is quite comfortable again...and she did painlessly get up to get some peanut butter cookies so that is good.

chance (the mongolian monster) is back for a few days while his foster family are away. he is obsessed with being with monty for some reason and is following him everywhere that he can. i like baby sitting chance..he is always to happy to be back here again.

thank you again to everyone for getting sweetie pie sorry mia i had to run off to the vets with kassy and didn't get a chance to thank you personally!

ok...time to settle the dogs down for their saturday afternoon naps.