Rescue Journal

just wasting time waiting for a couple of things to happen tonight...

Carol  ·  May 31, 2011

chance's foster mom and dad should be here in about an hour or so to take him home again. he has been a very good house guest...happy and perky and no trouble at all!

and also waiting for our new incoming who also should be here in an hour or two......he had flown in all the way from newfoundland and nicole just picked him up from the airport. he is a senior beagle cross from beagle paws rescue. they rescued him from a local pound as an unclaimed stray before his euthanization day. they had a temporary foster home for him, but he needed another place to go more long term and they couldn't find one for him anywhere.
beagle paws has been helpful in the past with posting any senior beagles we have had and helping to find them homes. it is only fair we help them out in return when this little guy had no where to guess he has made his way across the country to settle into saints...maybe we will be lucky enough to find him a home.

for the life of me i just can't remember his name...colby? colbert? colton?..i know his darn name begins with "c"

nicole says she has a whole list of new animals trying to get in again...i guess the bit of a lull is over. i referred 2 on to the board there is a very ill little one at the vets from the pound but still on her holding period. i already said we would pick up her vet bill and take her on if she makes it thru and remains unclaimed.

june is a crappy month for animals in trouble...june, september and december are always the very worst months. june cuz summer is coming and folks are planning their family vacations and the dog or cat has to go somewhere..preferrably forever please. sept. is bad because suddenly the kids are back in school and soccor and hockey... parents are feeling overwhelmed by the busyness of it all and getting the dog or cat off their attention plate is suddenly going to solve everything...and december because god forbid..the stinky old and dirty dog makes the holiday season and decorations seem less festival overall.

trust me..this is absolutely true....too many years of going thru the bad months to not know why and when they are coming...batten down the hatches, the seasonal influx is starting...tomorrow is the start of unhappy for many senior animals... june 1st has arrived.

10 pm update...chance has gone back to his foster home...bye are a much nicer dog than i remember!

and saints welcomes cabot (yes..his name is cabot...wanna bet i start calling him cabbage?) far very nice dog...but gee how long did it take him to find the one dog in a dozen strange dogs all trying to sniff his butt that happens to be in heat here?...less than 2 in typical determined beagle nosy fashion...he managed to piss her off in less than 3 seconds too.

ok..going to bed now..i am on early shift tomorrow which means getting up at 5 am...puke.



hah! the ridiculous names you pick are the non-pronouce-able/un-spell-able/can't remember what the hell the name was,,, ones like phinipediper or phinterious whatever the heck it was you wanted to name shrek???

and the cabbage patch dolt started woo'ing at 1 am cuz he was freaking lonely and he has jet lag so his sleeping timing is off....we will have to get him blended in with the bed buddies asap or i won't get any sleep.


i was going to suggest calling him Cabbage (Cabbie for short), but then I thought you would automatically veto it just because I suggested it, therefore it has to be a ridiculous name.