Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 2, 2011

tigger woods is in at the vets on IV's....his 20 yr old mouth is rotten again..not sure if we can do anything about it this time around. the clinic has sent off blood work.. we will see how his kidneys are doing before we decide how to procede.

i am seriously considering kicking tina, jerry and fergus out of the bed buddy club..the three of them are so disruptive and i am thinking might as well have just those three upset rather than everyone else....cuz honestly..they are driving the rest of us nutz.

the little sick dog from the pound at the vets is kind of a mess. trina sent me her blood work and vet reports..there ain't too much going right in her little old body. i may be able to pick her up tomorrow, i guess we will see...not sure if the pound or the clinic named her yet..hopefully they did so i don't have to think up a name.

another new incoming...monkey-face.... a senior, i think shitz cross... he is from one of the spca's. he needs some major dental work plus he has a few other health issues as well...he arrives tomorrow night, one of the staff is driving him out after her shift is done.

also tomorrow, silver arrives..i pick her up from another spca shelter tomorrow. she is a very frail senior cat who will be taking up residence in our medical room.

and again we are starting to get pretty full...this kind of deja-vu happens a lot around saints.