Rescue Journal

and saints welcomes monkey face...

Carol  ·  Jun. 3, 2011

typical cutie shitz...not hugely happy to be spending his first night in the kitchen but my bedroom would be a bit overwhelming i think.

the cherry pit is not all that happy to be sharing her space with our new little daisy. it's not that she doesn't like is just daisy keeps eating all of her food. every time i put something new in for cherry...daisy crawls out of her bed to gobble it up. this dog is apparently quite hungry. because she is currently weak and crippled..i need her to be in a quiet and safe space. but cherry has asked that i find somewhere else to stick the new girl so cherry doesn't starve to death. i will figure out in the morning..its too late to start shoving everyone around. i did point out however that if cherry would just eat up her food when i give it to her instead of dinking around with a tiny bit here and a tiny bit there and a tiny bit more 20 minutes from now...maybe she would get to eat more cuz there would only be an empty bowl for daisy to chow down on.

certain slow pokey and picky cherry pits don't do food competitions very well.

if fergus doesn't quite playing with his ball, i might have to kill him. that dolt keeps rolling it under the bed, going under the bed after it and then barking non stop because he can't figure out how to get out again with a freaking ball in his mouth. honestly..i actually have a dog with absolutely no brain cells at all. he's lucky he is sweet, innocent and adorable or he and that stupid ball would be out in the yard for the night.

sweetie-pie is a honey-nut cheerio freak...she ate most of my 11pm snack...since she was busy eating cheerios off a spoon, instead of kicking some innocent's ass, i decided it was ok to indulge her is a good thing i have 2 boxes cuz i think she will be eating a fair amount of cheerios over the next couple of weeks!