Rescue Journal

saints welcomes...

Carol  ·  Jun. 3, 2011

silver...very sweet and elderly cat. we stopped and had her blood work, her snap FIV/FeLV testing (both negative) and long acting antibiotic injection done on the way home. and if all is well she can have her dental within the next couple of weeks.

and daisy-too..i named her that cuz she looks like a mini version of daisy-one from way back in 2006 (for those of you who have one...she is in the book.)
she is totally cute...and totally messed up. she also had a quick check with our vet, a convenia injection (cuz her blood work from the AC vet shows an infection and she only had 24 hours of IV antibiotic therapy...she needs more than that.) her mouth is bad and so are her ears, she has mammary tumors and there is something seriously neurologically wrong with her. ah well..hopefully we will figure it all out happily for her.

other saints happenings...

tiger woods is home again. his kidneys are bad so he can't have dental surgery. he also had a convenia injection and we will manage him palliatively for now...antibiotics/pain meds periodically for his mouth and he is to start on fortekor for his kidneys... hopefully he will do well for a while. he is happy to be home.

sweetie pie is not so fact she has turned into a raging hag. she has jumped several little dogs in the past few days..apparently she gets bitchy while her hormones rage. i can't wait til her heat ends and i can get her in for her spay..we do not need any more hags here, we are full enough with the ones we already have...sweetie needs to go back to being sweet asap...two more weeks...just two more weeks...i will try not to kill her before we can get there but i did tell the vet i was considering dropping her on her haggy hormoney head. was four freaking hours between trips to the spca, the vets and AC.. the whole entire afternoon was just gone..poof! that totally sucked.

monkey face is still to arrive tonight..i hope he is a nice dog.
i am quite liking sir walter cabot..he is a nice guy and now i can remember his name pretty easily so i am liking him a lot.

oh yay! sweetie-hag is sleeping now..thank freaking gawd.