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sir walter cabot

Carol  ·  Jun. 3, 2011

mini me has finally finished her heat and is right back to being bitchy and bossy with al and pretending to be eaten alive by mystic every evening. interestingly enough when she was in heat, she was fairly easy going about everything and quit her incessant screaming every time that al decided he wanted up on the bed....last night she was right back to yelling at him again.

i figure sweetie has another week or so to go. it will be interesting to see who she really is once she returns to her real self too. could be we have a totally different dog here that we don't even know.

i made myself stay in bed til 8 am today....i figure i needed a sleep in today...not sure why..i just figured i should....can't say i feel much different..except it is later than usual for me to get up and there were more messes to have to clean up.

i am going to change cabot's name to walter. i simply can't remember cabot and neither can renee...and i really don't want him to be called cabbage cuz that is just mean. he looks like a walter when he is wanting something. and being a beagle (they will answer to pretty much anything) he won't care if i change his name anyway...all he cares about is that i notice him a lot.

and here is the weird thing about me as well...if i am not comfortable with their names...i don't talk to them as is like my head has a dead spot when i try to think of who they the time it clicks in to.."oh are cabot" eyes and my thoughts have moved on to someone else.

i think when they have the wrong name, they end up not feeling right with me..its like when i run into people i know but can't remember their feels awkward on both sides. easier just to rename them something that fits better with them in my head so i don't forget.

i could try it with people but i might get myself in trouble if i start giving humans new names because it happens to be more mentally convenient for me...folks might think i was crazy.

anyway...cabot's name for now will be "sir walter cabot"...and we will see what his shortened form eventually becomes...maybe sir, maybe walter, maybe it will stay cabot..or maybe even "that little bastard beagle"...i really don't know, whatever ends up rolling off my tongue easily without that extra stumbling thought i suppose.

sometimes it takes something special about their name to firmly attach them inside my head.



no that bastard beagle has to be coppers legacy. no one can even compete with copper he was one of a kind. i remember it was his way or the highway he was one persistent little dog. no one comes close to him.

Carol Ann

I like Sir Walter for the beagle. (you can't forget my name and I can't forget yours at least some things are simple)


Hi Carol
Brad is getting a pickup load of road mulch gravel to bring in and spread tomorrow morning. Hopefully that works?