Rescue Journal

the things they say...

Carol  ·  Jun. 7, 2011

molly to jelly...
"don't you even think to stand over my 20 yr old cancer ridden body and snarl at me saying i can't eat your stinking stupid diet piss off!"

cherry to me...
"nope..sorry..lasagna is just not good enough tonight, i would like you to cook me a hotdog and add that into my dinner please and thank you so much."

phoebe to anybody and everybody...including me..
" i gotta go out, hurry up!!, get out of my way!!!, i gotta get out and poop right away!!!..GAWD DAMN IT MOVE YER ASS AND OPEN THE FREAKING DOOR!"



Posts like this should come with a warning: "WARNING: women with potentially leaky bladders are warned to make any necessary bathroom break prior to reading this post." TOO FUNNY! Thank you for the smile!