Rescue Journal

james bond passed peacefully away at the vets.

Carol  ·  Jun. 13, 2011

the vet said we could try to re-build his potassium levels (they eventually bottom out in end stage kidney disease) but chances are it would be a losing battle. and i could have brought him home and tried the potassium supplements and sc fluids but i was pretty sure that bond did not want his last days to be filled with me shoving meds down his throat and sticking needles into his skin....after 20 years of very strong living, i think he would have wanted a kinder and more dignified end.

hope floats til it sinks...i made the conscious decision to sink bond's hope today. i wanted the peaceful ending for him, i selfishly, did not want to risk an ending for him filled with regret.

i so rarely know the right and wrong answers to things when considering responsible choices when trying for continued quality of life and or settling for a comfortable death.

all i know is i loved him and today he passed away peacefully while purring under my hands.

rest in peace james bond, you were a truly great cat.




RIP James Bond....he was a very special agent cat who lived up to his name!


So very sorry for the loss of Bond. A dignified ending to a dignified life is never a wrong decision. He lived a long life and it sounds like he was happy to the end. Thank you for loving him.


I'm sorry for saint's loss...I remember him...he was a cool James Bond.


I'm so sorry about 007 - I will miss him trying to pull every water dish that was filled in the sink over to his part of the counter. He had a good life at SAINTS.


I am glad I gave him a kiss on his head and some extra milk in his bowl on sunday when I popped in. I snapped this photo too. He was such a cool cat. Gonna miss him. All of the counter dwellers are slowly passing away -- so sad.

Carol Ann

So sad James Bond is gone but I'm glad he didn't suffer needlessly. He had a long life. Rest in peace dear cat.