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Take Me Home Tuesdays: Return of the Mac

Jenn  ·  Jun. 14, 2011

Mac at the pound.

Mac is 10 or 12 years old. He was abandoned living in the bush up north trying to survive on his own for a long time. When the pound found him he was so beaten up they did not think he was worth salvaging. Luckily a rescuer contacted SAINTS rescue and asked us to take him. He was flown down and has since recovered and is a great cat. He gets along great with the other animals and really loves people. He has no heath issues we are aware of and would be a great addition to any home.


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to adopt Mac please email

If you are unable to adopt one of our SAINTS' animals how about sponsoring one or better yet joining the 1000 saints movement. With your support we can continue to help animals like Mac who have no where else to go receive medical care and have a good ending to their lives.

and of course you can always help by voting for S.A.I.N.T.S. Mission, BC Canada in the Petfinder's Shelter Challenge (only 6 more days of voting, vote once a day).

Also, don't forget to come by on our 5th Annually Open House June 25 and 26th


Barbara T


Sorry not about Mac's post this is about Sweetie. Has the blood work been done for her thyroid? The reason I am asking is that my last foster was very aggressive towards other dogs, attacking them, until she was diagnoised and put on medication for hypothyroidism. She is no long a foster, she is now a member of my mini dog team.


I have a couple of large brandnew dog collars.I want to give them to the dogs there.Where could I drop them off?


awww..great job guys, you'd hardly know it is the same cat. He looks great with all your TLC! Thanks again for giving him a chance!


a couple of days ago, mac discovered that i was stashing temptations in my this morning when i was slipping in the bathroom door, mac barged past me, leapt to the counter, grab the temptations and scooted off with his treasure.

i think mac would make a great double for the wall crashing, porch leaping, "i must have temptations" commercial cat.

i adore this happy and sweet natured boy!

great video jenn!