Rescue Journal

i rushed home from work...

Carol  ·  Jun. 15, 2011 meet the shearers who were here to do carl....he looks so good! they are such nice people!!!!apparently when they got here..he was covered head to toe in shavings..carl had been rolling in the newly delivered fresh shavings pile!

something wierd is happening with one of pop's feet...the hoof is growing way too fast and strange. the vets are coming on monday for a bunch of things (chewies surgery to close up that non healing last bit of his awful recheck gideons eye..he scratched the cornea earlier in the week...and to look at pop's foot. he is bright and perky and happy...he is even managing to toddle down by the pond every day..dionne says his walking is much better. but that hoof is not growing right and it is starting to really worry me.

i picked up monty from the vets, he seems to be doing pretty good.
and the staff moved garfiled over to the house today cuz he was bullying all of the medical room guys.
trevor goes in for new xrays on friday and i booked sweetie sometime next week for her spay (i can't actually remember when, but it might have been for thursday.)

i just finished bathing merry...her skin is such a mess...we have lost all control of it now. i will get her in for reassessment and see if we can't get it better somehow.

the sheep i think are being sheared on tuesday, i am just waiting for confirmation that this is the day.

i burnt the shit out of cherry's dinner and had to throw it away...i accidently set the microwave for 50 minutes instead of the 5 minutes it should have been. unfortunately, i smelled my mistake far too late.

i am going to put the mp building to bed and then have a hot bath...i am vacation now for almost three weeks and tomorrow, the posible new staff trials start and i start to get ready for the upcoming open house...10 days and counting..there is ALOT of stuff to get done.


corrin skalbeck

Hi Carol!

I'm a reporter and producer for Shaw TV in Chilliwack and I want to do a TV story on your organization- I think you are a saint! I learned of SAINTS through a good friend of mine and one of your volunteers, Jenny Cella. I would like to have this on air before the open house on June 25/26 in order to give it as much exposure as possible. I will be following up with an email. Please feel free to contact me via my work email, or personal email @ I look forward to hearing from you!




Great news about Pops toddling around; fingers crossed for the foot. But considering how far he has come, this is a happy development.


Carol or whomever takes trev to the vet...could you please ask if and when swimming therapy would be good for him...also, when is a good time to come see him...or is it better I leave him alone??? Do you need more food for him?? I can pick up and bring out or you pick up when at the vets and I will pay for it when I come out?? Thanks!!


the pepsi report is done!!! now i just have to head to work and hopefully all the stupid vancouver fans will stop rioting.