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oh yay...

Carol  ·  Jun. 16, 2011

canuck fans riot over the loss of a game.

there are a few too many beer guzzling, not much happening in the brain dept., people with nothing much to do or to lose, winding themselves up into a violent frenzy over the loss of a stupid game.

i say we gather these violent, no brainers up and send them off to some war zone where they can play with for real violent toys..guns and bombs, and landmines and when they come home minus a few arms, legs, and a soul forever scarred with shitless fear and horror...they might actually be able to suffer a hockey game loss with just a minor and dignified, peaceful disappointment.

there ARE some laws against stupid...and inciting riots is not a recreational activity...not even for the incredibly stupid.



Yeah. What Shelley said. The whole game thing was hyped up and up and with downtown streets blocked off and big screen TV's put up outside the city is providing a place for rioters to gather their shit together and explode. Not a shock really but disgusting, disgraceful and disappointing.


There were most definitely Canucks fans rioting and breaking the law. And many, many more Canucks fans who just would not leave. They were the ones who kept the police from dealing with the core perpetrators and putting an end to it quickly.

Invite a hundred thousand people into a small area surrounded by bridges and a very slow transit system as the only way out, add testosterone + alcohol + rabid sports mentality, and what the hell did anyone expect?

This pretty much sums up how I feel:


ya basically it was a group of people who had already planned what they were going to do and i can only imagine when they started it got other stupid folks going. such a shame that these things happen. as i said to my husband i am upset that the canucks did not win but i am more upset when i see an animal or a person going homeless. where is peoples perspective. it is just a game when all is said and done these people still have homes to go home to not so for so many others animals and people included. such damage for nothing.

Barbara DeMott

HERE, HERE LADIES. I figure ANYONE who contributes to the pain, suffering and just plain stupidity on this planet should share this fate. Planet is too small, we should start getting selective about letting the idiots use it!!!!!!


I agree with Carol...send them to a war/riot riddled area in the word....there is lots of them...where people are rioting for basic rights like access to fresh water, food, freedom of persecution...there are probably millions of people globally that would give anything for a chance to live in our country and think they have won the lottery being able to enjoy a privilage like watching a sporting event...

good on those people that left and did not add fuel to the fire and to those who did the vancouver clean up...THANK YOU!!

Mauro Salles

Last time I attended a (soccer) game was in 1983. Thankfully, everything changed. TV is fine!!!


I like Tracy's husband's idea! That and the Fire Hoses should solve the problem.

Too bad that a few can ruin it for so many others.

Cheryl K

It was not Canuck fans that was a group of idiots that planned this and went downtown with the specific purpose of causing nothing but sad after the city did so much to support the team and if this happens again there will not be the large screens and crowds invited to partake..everyone looses because of a bunch of creeps..


The real sad thing is, if you go to CBC website and look through the galleries of many are basically children.. I see what looks like 14, 15 & 16 year olds. Who raised these people ? my God it used to be stealing a chocolate bar from the corner store or a smoke from your folks pack... and this is what we have evolved into...

I want to live in a cabin high on a Mtn away from people


My husband's idea is for the police to shoot (dead) the first one who riots or vandalizes anything. Then you quickly nail the body to the closest light post as a reminder to anyone else considering the same behavior.
I must admit it sounds like a great plan.
Too bad we live in a "civilized" society and that wouldn't be acceptable!!!


Tell it like it is, Carol!! Ultimately, IT'S JUST A GAME!

In other news, Sherlock is doing well. Hasn't proved he has much grey matter, but he's as sweet as can be.