Rescue Journal

vacation day 2

Carol  ·  Jun. 17, 2011

the day started out as a gong show. i got trevor loaded up into the van and into the vets at 0830 for his xrays and turned around and rushed back to mission to meet our trial recruits at 9. unfortunately the best laid and perfectly timed plans of mine sometimes hit a snag. the cell rang just as i was crossing over the mission border...trevor was getting kicked out of the clinic for screaming his doorknob head off and upsetting the other patients.

way to go trev..i have had hundreds of dogs thru that clinic in the past 15 years and NO ONE has gotten kicked out within 30 minutes of arrival except for you!
oh well..he can't help it that he is an over anxious moronic cripple who just has to let the whole world share in his pain. i will have to re-book and i think next time, have them sedate him in the van.

we got lots done again today....harrison's dried nasal discharge schmears have been removed from the computer room walls and the rest of the house windows got washed. frodo had some of his matts shaved off..he looks a bit funny but i don't care cuz at least i didn't get to feel his teeth sunk in me...when he bites it freaking well hurts.
a third of the shop is looking much better and i took a full van load of not useful linens to the dump today too. i ran into steve there, he makes me laugh..he is such an old fashioned red necked gentleman..he not only helped me unload the van but he paid for our huge dump run fees too. chivalry is alive and well in our favorite handyman!

i purposefully set sweetie pie up to nail her in being a hag. she went out on the run with us, no leash, no restraints except for the ones she has in her head. i am not exactly sure but i think she went on the attack at least four times. i was right there to nail her and help her change her mind. by the time we came back to the house, she decided all by herself that attacking dogs was really not such a great idea..all it did was get her into very big trouble. i like dogs like sweetie who are haggish out of bad behavior because they can eventually see the benefits to them in simply using some self control. dogs like jerry and jesse will never get this because their haggishness comes from somewhere darker and deeper.
over the next couple of weeks while i am home a lot..i will be setting her up to fail more and more. sweetie is a smart dog, she is going to learn to play and win at this not so fun game..leave the other dogs alone and carol will think sweetie is a good girl.

i have accidently found the truly most disgusting thing in the world...minnie pearl ate a ton of horse shit out in the field and then puked it up again all over my clean floors...daisy thought freshly puked warm horse shit was a new kitchen dog treat and while dragging her off and cleaning it up..i just about hurled.

honestly dogs are so gross..if you are going to eat horse shit at least keep it down.



Ahhh Trev...behave yourself you big dummy....don't you know we are all trying to help you get back on your three are your own worst enemy...let me know if I can do anything...I want to see him but I am thinking he would not settle down again once I leave...if you want me to take him back that is ok too...


Also just a heads up for those coming up the hill to Saints in the is the Mission annual Soap Box Derby and Stave Lake Rd will be blocked off...but they should have detour signs.

Barbara T

Thank you Carol. Yea Sweet Pie for realizing that is is better not to attack the small dogs around you. Sweet Pie with Carols guidance and your smarts you will learn that it is to your benefit to get along with your housemates.