Rescue Journal

i want to do the quick updates before i share the sad news from today...

Carol  ·  Jun. 21, 2011

mini me had her spay and a bunch of the mammary tumors came back so she had a good portion of her second mammary chain removed. she is home wrapped up tightly in bandages and apparently there is a drain in there somewhere too. keeping her quiet post operatively is going to be an issue.

chance had his ear surgery and while he was under, the vet went ahead with his neuter. we had been waiting ,to get him done we just needed an excuse to put him under a general anaesthetic and today was the day. (because he is a full parapalegic nothing really worked very well down there anyway.)

silver came home from her dental with a new name...apparently silver is a boy so now HIS name is long john silver...i better double check the previously documented sex of these cats when they come in cuz oops..not a girl....sorry long john silver...we screwed up again.

chewie had his surgery..the vet cut back to viable and healthy tissue and then sutured him up.
pops had his foot trim and his sheath cleaned and did very well.

czar had his sheath cleaned also..this is an ongoing issue for him. he seems to need it done about once a year.

the bad news today was that gideon's eye is not good...the ulcer has healed really well. but his retina has detached and his iris is fully exposed so that eye caannot be exposed to bright sunlight or the optical nerve will get burnt away. we will try him in fly masks again...but he hates those things and he can get them off in 5 seconds or less. if that doesn't work then the vet can glue on an eye patch, but gideon is stubborn and determined so that might not work so great too. if he stays down in the lower pasture, he probably can do without an eye protector is quite shady so direct sunlight might not be a huge issue. for now we will try various things and see how he does.

all five of the potential new saints staff hopefuls made it thru all four of the trial shifts. this group did a great job so picking the final person to hire is not going to be easy at all. i sent them home to think about whether they really wanted to be slaves to saints with pretty crappy wages. two have already called back and said they do..we will see what the other three say.

ok that's most of the news...except for the sadness of loss yet to share....