Rescue Journal

the final stretch

Carol  ·  Jun. 23, 2011

ok...two more days til the open house...i have a couple of things left to do in the the final de-junking of my room and my bathroom..and a few more shop tidy ups. the group of staff trial shift potentials were a really big help!

helga, laura and mama duck and the appleman have gotten the weeding and the lawn mowing done so the two mini work parties today and tomorrow can finish off the outside clean actually looks like we might be ready without me having to pull all nighters again!

we have 5 more vets runs today and tomorrow..sweetie's spay, trevors xray, merry's skin check, mini-me's dressing change and mandy's cardiac check..i am thinking her little ticking heart is finally wearing out.

i am still struggling with my sore week when the open house is over, i will rest it for sure!

oh and today i HAVE to stop in at the accountants and sign my income tax return..and i HAVE to drop off the property taxes thingy (if i can find it) to city hall too.

right now we are totally broke again...(sigh..we did not win the petfinder challenge) so i am hoping our visitors really like what we do and want to support us to help us continue. jenn told me yesterday the requests for admissions are starting to get busy again. i said no one can get in here now...too full...too is an automatic no to everyone, no matter how desperate...we have nothing but good intentions to offer any of them and they will need far more from us than that. as far as i can remember there is only one out there already approved that i said could come in after the open house. he is a nasty cat..he is attacking everyone in his house and has done so for years. but now there is a toddler involved and he is far too dangerous to continue to live there. we said yes to him weeks ago if they could wait until after the open house when i would have some time to settle him here. we said yes because we felt for his family who really have tried to deal with him...and still do really love him despite his nasty behavior....his story reminds me of frodo...a good cat who gets pissed over something trivial and then gets even.

it has taken me years of servitude to make frodo happy..i wonder how long this fuzzy freak show will take?
i can't remember his name right now but i am sure once he gets here...we all will know it well.



how is Trev....what did the vet say??

is it ok to come up and spend some time with him this weekend? when is a good time to come?

Cheryl K

Not sure if you would want to do this but what about posting the 1000 Saints on Craigslist..might get folks to notice a bit...that is such a great idea for monthly donations...we have done that for years with SPCA and Crittercare and Burnaby wildlife so it is nice to do for you and makes a monthly guaranteed income at least...anyhow just a thought..


I will see what I can scrape together for a donation and bring it with me this weekend.


Carol Ann

There has been so much sadness this week---so I want to tell you all that ELI is doing great. I started feeding raw -Thanks to Diana-- and that little dog is just as happy as he can be, he is on meds for his eye etc etc but he is running around here like he owns the place (he does partially) I'm so happy I took him home right away cause he too didn't seem to like the stress of all the other dogs at saints. Some just aren't in the right place at the right time and that sucks.

Bunny Horne

Hi, Carol, I know it's a mere pittance, but I will be brining the $99.93 from the donations received at the Car Free Day and Brent emptied out his "guy change bucket" and has more than half filled a large coffee can - I think there's $35 in unwrapped coin in it. I haven't yet counted what's remaining in my Saints dedicated piggy bank - but I will bring that with me to dump in the donation jar. Sorry about the last challenge, I did vote every day.


I've been reading your blog regularly for quite a while and am finally coming over from Victoria for a Vancouver visit and am looking forward to finally meeting all the Saints on bringing my family and will bring my chequebook as well!