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Happy Tail: The Story of Tucker

Jenn  ·  Jun. 27, 2011

In the Langley Today online paper is The Story of Tucker by Kendal De Menech. Former SAINT Tucker has found the best home he could ever dream of. This is what makes what we do so worth it--to see that these animals can have a happy ending to their lives filled with love and valued for who they are.

Ya Tucker and thank you, Tom and Linda.



Bunny Horne

What a fabulous story, congratulations to Tom and Linda for being open minded and super congrats to Tucker for finding a super forever home. The article is fabulous and speaks so highly of Tucker's new mom and dad and of course of the GREAT work that Carol and her crew do at SAINTS. We will miss you Tucker, but are ecstatic for your new happy life.


Aaawww, what a wonderful story! I think Keno may very well have had something to do with this match made in heaven.


Wow, What an amazing story. Good for Tucker, and thank you to Tom and Linda.


Well done Carol and crew! And Tom and Linda for giving him his new loving home. Sniff, great tale.

Ann C

Great dog, great people, great story.....we all love the happy endings, hugs to Tucker and thanks to Tom & Linda for loving him so much.