Rescue Journal

jack had a massive seizure today.

Carol  ·  Jun. 29, 2011

we rushed him down to the vets on a stretcher. they hooked him up to an IV and gave him some sedation...he had blood work. hopefully he will have settled and recovered enough that he can come home at the end of the day.

jack is a very great dog, but he was none to happy to be poked and prodded and restrained. i think he will be very happy to get home again today. he will probbly come home on a phenobarb dose just because it was quite a violent seizure and we do not want him to have any more.


update on jack...
he is home.
he had a big pee (in my van!)
he had a poop (on the porch)
and he had half of my leftover shrimp sandwhich from lunch today.

he is feeling ok right now.



So glad Jack is back home - he must be so relieved. You too, Carol!! He is a beautiful boy.

Bunny Horne

Just like Helga and Lynn, I adore this dog. He is a cool barn buddy. I hope he is okay too. A pee in your van, poop on your porch and wolfing down your lunch sounds like he is on the right track.


Me too. And I feel really bad about Dusty having a go at him on Monday. My fault. All fingers tightly crossed for Jack.