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SAINTS Open House Video Tour

Jenn  ·  Jun. 30, 2011

Please enjoy this Video tour of SAINTS, its so great it had to be put into 2 videos. The tour is led by Laura, our tour guide extraordinaire on Sunday June 26, 2011 at the SAINTS annual Open House. We had 250 people come over the 2 day open house and tour our santuary but for those that could not make it here is a special treat for you ... enjoy a tour in the comfort of your own house.


Part 1

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Part 2

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Photos from the Open House have been added to the SAINTS rescue Facebook page

Check out the SAINTS Youtube channel for more great videos


Another Doreen

I just watched the videos earlier tonight and really enjoyed them! It was like being there again but with the names attached to each animal! Great job!


Wow...SAINTS is just a beautiful, beautiful place. What a wonderful haven Carol and her volunteers have created.


Typo... that was "posting"
Also, I would never have been able to imagine just how huge Percy is without having seen him next to the volunteers... and it may have been the camera angle, but Joy looks like she swallowed a VW bug... tres plump!
And thank you for putting all the animals' names on them so we have a face to go with the names when we read about them!
Kisses to Zig!


thank you so very much for poating the video tour for those of us who will never have the opportunity to go to SAINTS to see everything ourselves! It's wonderful! And thank you especially for the Ziggy shots! :)


Fabulous job Jenn and Laura ...... And Brenda,in answer your question - Carol was the "social butterfly" doing the meet and greet with every visitor as they entered the property, (or so I was lead to believe but I am still not convinced). In my opinion, SAINTS was very well presented through out the entire weekend by all involved.


I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video tour, even tho I have the real tour each Sunday! Thanks Jenn and Laura - great job as usual! The only thing missing was a spotlight on Carol (or maybe I missed her).


its a nice idea lynn but its alot of work to burn onto discs and I am not sure who would buy it its available on the wek for free. I tried that once before making videos on disc and selling at the 2009 gala and I was stuck with a ton unsold and it was not worth all my work


it is an awesome vidoe. any chance of you making up some copys and maybe selling them, either at saints or at the fundraiser. i would love to buy a copy. good on you laura for doing such a great job and jenn for all her great camera work and names. now maybe i too can remember all the cats names. lol.