Time to get Gaga over the Gala-tickets, sponsorships and booze!

Jenn  ·  Jul. 7, 2011

Mark your calenders, here is the event info for our amazing extravaganza, the 5th Annual Wishes 4 Whiskers Gala.

I have three importanting things to cover in this post: Tickets; Table sponsorships; and Fill the basket campaign

1. Ticket and event information

Where: Pitt Meadows Golf and Country Club (same location as last year)

When: Saturday September 24, 2011 6pm

Tickets: $60 per person or $400 for a table of 8

Contact: Sheila at


2. Table Sponsorships

Like last year, we are asking people, companies, families, and friends to come together and sponsor a table at the Gala. If you are unable to attend the gala this is a great way to support our event and ultimately, senior animals. Sponsor a full table for $200 a table. How about getting 20 friends or family members together to chip in $10 for table sponsorship?

3. Fill the basket campaign

We need silent auction items for the Gala and over the years we have notices a pattern at all of our event, booze baskets sell the best! Therefore, we are focusing on booze baskets for our Gala. Kathy Kelm has offered to beautify our booze by putting them in pretty baskets. All we need to do is collect the booze. If you have some booze you were given that are unopened and you know you'll never drink, donate it for a great cause. You can drop them off at SAINTS or email Kathy Kelm at

Thank you for your support and stayed tuned for more information in the weeks to come.



Sheila, money for table and tickets was sent via pay pal last night.



you can email a cheque to sheila or pay through paypal either way email her to let her know:

if sponsoring a table email her the following info: what name you want on the topper for the sponsorship. For example: Fancy Felines and a one liner about why you support saints. She will forward this email to me and I will be in contact with you because I will be working with grand and toy to design the toppers and I want them to relfect our donors: who sponsored the table, why they support saints and also a picture(s) or business logo.


no you did not misunderstand. i would llike to sponsor my big kitchen buddies for 200 and also go in on anyone else wanting to have a table for 8. otherwise i will just go in on my own ticket for 60 no big deal. when do you want the money for my sponsership. any time is fine by me.


I will sponsor a table for a flat $200 like I did last year. It will be through my business "Feline Fancies"! Hoping for the "Pain" table again of course.


oh lynn I think I misunderstood. You want go in with 7 people to buy a table of tickets ... you should talk to the volunteers when you are up on saturday.


it is a one time sponsorship to sponor the animal at the table for the gala. and then to sponsor a table is a set flat $200. Therefore Lynne I would suggest you to sponosr the animals you listed: esther noel big bambi shane mini pear each and divide your $200 among them (7 animals at $28.57 each) and then go in with someone on a table for $200.


yes is it a one time sponsorship for the night for an animal or is it the monthly sponsors. i sponsor 2 animals each month. does that count. if not than i would like to sponsor an animal for 200 on the night of the gala. thanks, and i would still like to go in with 7 other people and get a table for 400 anyone want to.


the table sponsorships are seperate from the animals sponsorship. I will be posting about this next week but basically. Each table has a table toper in the middle of the table. It is a three-sided triangle. Grand and Toy makes these for us each year they are full color and very nice looking. This year these table toppers will be about the table sponsor. So if you sponsor a table for $200 you get the table topper dedicated to you. It will have your name or business or family name on it and a quote about why you support SAINTS. Then in the center of this table topper will be willow branches with pictures of the SAINTS animals. the photo one side and the name of anyone who sponsors that individual animal. You can sponsor an animal for any amount ... any questions? haha


i live too far away (pei) but will happily sponsor a table with others on this blog who are too far away too... anyone??


i will go in on a table for 8 people if any of the other vulunteers want to. i will also sponsor a table for 200. for my big troublemaking dogs. esther noel big bambi shane mini pearl the kitchen troublemakers love those dogs. let me know if anyone is interested.


I hope there is a "Pain In The Ass" table again as I would sponsor that for $200.

Ann C

Very cute Lynne. Better ask Kathy to include some tylenol in Lynne's basket!