Rescue Journal

the PIA's

Carol  ·  Jul. 11, 2011

mystic ate my book today. i just bought it and was only half way thru it. luckily tammy and i found another copy down in the bookstore, i am speed reading thru it tonight so i can finish it before mystic eats it again. i don't read very often anymore so i was a bit choked at the book eating since i was enjoying reading again....and it did slightly piss me off to have to pay for the same book twice in only two days.

however..since mystic is a palliative puppy..i did not in any way, shape or form let her know i was in any possible way displeased with her using my book as a new mystical chew toy....except to cheerfully call her a hag. that puppy can chew all of the books in the world if it makes her happy..i guess my job is to read faster before she gets her mouth on the pages of an in progress decently entertaining, good book.

meanie sweetie had some fun today. first she took a diving run thru a ton of mud, then she threw herself in my lap and shared all of her mud with me. i was sitting on the grass with minnie pearl who had just had another spinal spasm when suddenly a filthy meanie sweetie decided she too needed a nice cuddle. wasn't even 10 am yet and i already had to change my clothes. meanie sweetie however was pretty damn happy.

i have come to the conclusion that all homeless saints dogs are a pain in the is all about their happiness..not good books or used to be clean clothes.

i let merry have a break from her cone didn't take long before she was ripping off her skin again. soooo..i bathed her up, re-swaddled the mummy dog and stuck the dreaded cone back on her head.
hey! i tried to let her be happy but she decided to mess her skin up again.

i braved the superstore cuz we needed dog and cat canned food (cheapest place to buy it by the case) and i walked out of there with a $275 canned food bill and a million and one new mosquito bites. man those blood suckers are brutal this year...and stupid store should give all of its customers 50% off simply to cover our collective blood loss....apparently now i am donating my blood so the homeless pain in the ass buggers can have their canned multi-tasking to give the mosquitos a nice tasty meal too.

it occurs to me that i am far too nice to the PIA' alone, i have been mudded and blooded, my book destroyed and still had to pay out a few hundred bucks to (literally) feed the bloody beasts too.

you just gotta love pain in the ass rescue...ok...i was just taking a i gotta kick ass and finish reading that book!