Rescue Journal

waking up is hard to do...(where are the musical notes on a key board anyway?)

Carol  ·  Jul. 11, 2011

i could use a 24 hour sleep....yesterday i was nodding off driving between soon as i hit home last night and did the meds..i was off to bed....and this morning i reluctantly dragged my butt out of a very comfortable bed far too early according to me.
the dogs are still mostly won't last for much longer.

we worked volunteer brent pretty hard yesterday...crosby got a new opening window in her top door, the chicken house lost that pain in the butt slanted inside board, the falling down fence was fixed, and that horrid gate got a couple of wheels to make it easier to move. the fixing and maintaining part around here is almost constant, there is always something we need brent to do.

we also now have derek and jenn as regular weekend warriors in the mp room..hah! our volunteer guy ranks have doubled. it is so good for shelter animals to be regualrly exposed to both male and female volunteer caregivers on the weekends. for dogs like dusty who are nervous around men, it is so great to be able for her to spend quality time with them....she is so much better than she used to be.

and speaking of dusty...i noticed last night that she is sore on her left hind leg also looks like she has lost some weight but her appetite is still really good. i probably should get her in for a blood sugar curve and an over all check up..i think it has been more than a year since her last vet check when she was so sick with cellulitis last year.

there are a few dogs here whose certain pitch of bark, is really starting to hurt my ears..these are the ones whose particular pitch painfully echos thru my ears like bambi2, phoebe, tina, hilda, and griffin and all of them bark way too much. i might have to try citronella collars again to get them to stop...while i joke about one day going completely would not be a great thing for me so i better do something about it before it is too late. not sure why my ears are getting sensitive but i am sure it is from years of deafness does run in my family so i better be more careful than i have been til now. ears are ringing again..the barking freaks are rev'ing up again cuz the staff are starting to arrive..i think i will go for breakfast and get out of here til every one shuts up and gets over the excitement of it all.