Rescue Journal

wet mornings are good.

Carol  ·  Jul. 15, 2011

fergus is happy to be home. i had to take his cone off tho...not overly bright coneheads with balls on the brain can drive even the most saintly animal insane and all of us were happier minus the cone. fergie is being great about it and leaving his sutures alone. he is such a sweet, sweet, ball crazy dog....he isn't the least bit unhappy or distressed by his recent is all about that giant big yellow rubber ball that he found the second he walked in the man, i just found a freaking mega-size fun ball...woohoo!!

jesse is quite upset to be banished to the office. when i got home yesterday his anxiety had caused him to have diarrhea all over the place. poor, poor jesse...such an emotionally sensitive head case...i think he wants to be a good dog but he is too twisted in some weird way. anyway..i got the full on upset and sad jesse face, the snuggling up close to convince me a mistake had been made. i finally left him, both of us feeling like crap but until i get a brighter idea on how to keep everyone safe, he is stuck in the office for now.

renee shaved down mini me yesterday...i was kind of dreading it because she was so cute as a sticky up and sticky out hair mop. but she is freaking adorable shaved naked too so all is good for mini..she is still cute.

yay it rained well again last night..this means i can have another hot bath tonight after work AND i might even be able to do a load of my personal laundry!....which reminds me..i better actually get moving here and get my butt into work.


Carol Ann

I'm bringing about 10 gallons also for the house--good cold clean drinking water. Sunday

Bunny Horne

Carol we are filling up water jugs again to bring with us on Sunday. It will at least help to fill up the barn dudes water buckets.

Carol Ann

Ignorance is bliss lol so happy Fergus is still happy, he is so sweet

elaine erickson

Thats my boy hes a tough cookie .Fergie only lives for the moment and his ball.I am so gald that hes back home again .Love that little man