Rescue Journal

the "must have" in life...

Carol  ·  Jul. 16, 2011

we all need some of the same things to, water, medical care...having someone love us is also pretty nice....and sometimes we need different things.

apparently minnie pearl must have chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. she must have had it before..either that or she can read my mind and knew what my taste buds were anticipating being in any case...she knew exactly what i had, the second i had it and she wanted it too. so while i was giving her some of what she said she absolutely must have.....i gave some to meanie sweetie.... oops big mistake, now meanie sweetie knows what chocolate peanut butter ice cream is and she must have it now too.

that stuff is 2 bucks on sale for a teenie weenie container and the greedy must have buggers ate most of it. i suppose i should go back to eating jello..they all must NOT have that..they hate feels too weird in their mouths.

ziggy at a mr. little tricky greedy bugger too. i set up his spot in the barn with his hay and his grain with apples sliced on top and then let him into the back yard to munch the green grass while i put out the rest of the hay. this is how i keep him out of my way while i am busy and the apples in his dinner draw him into the barn when i tell him to go to bed. it works perfectly stubborn little ddonkey messing up the routine...we have done it this way for almost a year now.

except tonight...when i am not looking, he runs out of the back yard and into the barn and scarfs down his apples. when he hears me coming back around the corner, he runs out of the barn (he just about knocked me over in his big hurry too!) and back into the back yard to munch some more on the grass.
now there were no more apples in his bowl so why the heck should he cooperate and go to bed???

because.....he is a very exceptionally good donkey. as soon as i came into the backyard to put the ducks, chickens and crosby to bed...ziggy like the good boy he is, turned around and willingly went back into the barn for bed...yay ziggy!

the new dogs are here...smokey and ewok are brother and sister litter mates and are 13 years old. they are spaniel and lab crosses and are good sized 60-70ish pound dogs. both are very sweet..except ewok went after the cats so now they are over in the dog side of the house where they will probably stay. they are both a bit overwhelmed but dealing with it quite well. they had their first field run and that went ok so they can hang out at the barn tomorrow if they want. saints is a very big change for them..imagine going to rowdy old timers summer camp for the very first time when you are elderly and used to a quiet life. they have to learn to be pain in the ass, demanding, and noisy party will take a little while.

in any case..these are nice and normal dogs...i see no sign of twisted or broken freakouts so i am truly grateful for that. maybe tomorrow i will see if they must have chocolate and peanut butter ice cream once in a while too.



I, too, must have chocolate and peanut butter ice cream...but the vegan kind. Soy Dream Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Mmmm...mmmmm...delicious!


I am sure Smokey and Ewok would like that ice cream!! Hope all will take shape for them in their new home.
Thanks once again :)

elaine erickson

I would like some too whose buying I will next time Im down there lol