Rescue Journal

we lost webster today.

Carol  ·  Jul. 19, 2011

he has been losing weight since may despite his thyroid treatment. his kidneys were failing and this morning it all just got too much for him and he started having trouble walking. renee took him down to the vets and colleen called me at work and said she thought maybe there was something like an underlying cancer behind all of this. we decided not to pursue more invasive diagnostics and treatments, webster was very old and he had been slowing sliding downhill for the past year..we were losing the battle to maintain him at a decent quality of was time to let him go.
webster passed very peacefully, with both renee and i at his side, he just quickly slipped off to sleep with the pre-sedation and without pain or fear, quietly ended his life.

webster was a fun and affectionate guy and a real character too and he lived his last few years of life with kindness, respect and with dignity...i think he was happy for that.

rest in peace webster, you were a very good cat.



Ian and Mary

Webster was so lucky to find SAINTS to enjoy love and kindness during his retirement years...

Carol Ann

RIP webster I will miss you getting in my way lol. You were a nice cat.


well i guess he is not the orange cat now i know who he is sorry webster i mixed you up with?


webster you were a great cat, I hope you have a big bowl of milk and a pile of laundry to lay on wherever you are.


ah sorry carol. was he the orange cat in the kitchen. not too sure about the felines at saints. rip webster. you ended up in a great home.