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providence strikes...

Carol  ·  Jul. 21, 2011

i was talking to our ferrier today about pops..she said she thought maybe his fetlock had clacified forward and it was too late to do much of anything about it. she said pops was in pain and we needed to really watch him for the proper time to put him down so he didn't suffer needlessly.

it totally freaked me out.

i called our vets and said i wanted an xray to see if the joint had calcified or not. then i called mo and talked to her about him...she said again..we need to get steve out to look at him (steve if you remember is who mo and i think is the god of all ferriers.)

no lie... i came home from my errands and was giving dusty her insulin and all of the sudden my phone rang right after i hung up from mo and it was renee down at the barn saying steve was here and wanted to know if i wanted him to look at pops feet. did god decide i was dinking around and being too wishy washy and sitting on the fence over pops and should get off my ass and do something about him so he sent steve over here right away????

too weird.

anyway...he trimmed the shit out of three of pops feet..right down to the long term and chronic laminitis changes...and now pops has 3 normal shaped feet. he didn't cut the front deformed one too much cuz he wants to see the xrays first and offerred three suggestions for treatment for him...(after the xray)...1, high doses of muscle relaxants to let that front leg's muscles and tendons relax (they have atrophied and contracted which is what is pushing the fetlock forward.)....2. a desmotomy (?)...surgically cutting the shortest tendon to let the foot drop back a bit....and 3. a high wedged bar shoe with a supporting front toe to give him stability and that can be shaved back to force the tendons to stretch out more....and we might even decide to do a combination of 2 or all 3.

i think the frequent minimal trimmings of the last 5 months were important to let the rest of pop's muscles and joints and bones readjust to a more normal configuration/alignment...but i think now we have to get more aggressive before wnter comes to get him as sound and as stable and as safe and as comfortable on his feet as we can so he can get on with his life the best that he can and put as much of his feet problems behind him as possible.

and i think i have to bite the bullet here and start making some firm decisions on his future medical plan. i have been so afraid to do the wrong thing that maybe we need to now start taking some risks if we want pops to have the best life he can.
steve wouldn't take any payment for trimming up pops today. he is going to make up several different kinds of shoes and after he talks to the vet will decide which one to try...he is such a good man.

man...rescue is sometimes full of scary..i don't know what to do kind of shit....but at some point, decisions with risks involved have to be made.

love you pops...we will give him an extra dose of pain meds today...he is probably going to need them....big sigh..i hope i am finally on the right thinking track for him now.



XoXo Pops....

I just got told last minute that my nephew's bday changed to Sunday... so I'm going to have to come in tomorrow instead! There will still be 3 in the house so I'm sure it'll be fine :) Thanks


I think he is meant to be an the universe is rallying around him ;-)
keep us posted.


Lol... Lisa at the same time you were posting , carol & I were talking about all those things and that is exactly where we are going.

The coincidences that are occurring around Pops are starting to spook me ( insert Twilght Zone music )


I know nothing about horses at all, so forgive my ignorance....but say, if the joint isn't calcified and the muscles are tight & the tendons etc are contracted, would some sort of stretching program or physio help him out at all in terms of helping to increase range of motion, losening the joint etc?
Or accupuncture to help release the muscular tension?


What a wonderful thing to do, Steve. Thank you so very much. Perhaps this is divine providence and it is meant to take Pops to the next level of his rehabilitation. Prayers for Steve and Pops both.


seems like something or someone else didnt want any hasty decisions made either....can never go wrong with a second opinion!

Bunny Horne

There aren't enough thank yous for Steve. We really do LOVE this old horse. POPS touches the heart and soul of everyone who meets him. Hang in there POPs.

Carol Ann

Bless you Steve- today you restored a lot of my faith in humans. Thank you for helping our POPS he is so special and has suffered enough already. All those years of neglect and loneliness before he came to SAINTS. We all love him so much!