Rescue Journal

the magic of opportunity

Carol  ·  Jul. 25, 2011

for true animal lovers there is a secret place inside us that remains much like a child. we have this innocent wish to be like doctor dolittle, to immerse ourselves in the sight, the smell, the touch, the hidden lives and souls of all animals.

and mostly we just never get the opportunity. if we are lucky we have that kind of gift with our own family animals. we can have that kind of relationship with our cat (s) or our dog(s) but we dream of it with all creatures. sometimes that craving warps us...not because it is wrong but because we don't know how to participate without interferring. we take our wants and needs and fantasies and bury the animals under a mountain of assumptions and need and wants.

and this is the magic of saints...the opportunity to be with all kinds of touch them, to feel them, to smell them, to see their own lives instead of trying to make them fit in ours.

there are not too many people who are not in awe of the not only absolute size and power of percy..but also feel the child inside them grow big with the magic of wonder at his gentleness and kindness, his happiness to just get to meet them. he makes people glow when they meet him. he is such a simply and pure light of enjoyment in sharing a sweet and cheerful moment in time with us whenever he can.

it touches people right down to the child forgotten inside them when they meet this innocent gentle giant. all of the animals here can do the same but because percy is so foreign to most of us...we notice it more with him...he is more outgoing then say...ellie or czar.

he greets one and all with open peaceful, trusting friendship and a deep curiosity and a very long tongue to taste it all....he embraces all people with his magical heart (and tongue)..young and old, big and small and welcomes them to his peaceable world.

saints is a place of opportunity...the walking forgotten, the soon to be dead find a safe home here or maybe someday even better, where kindness and care surround them for the rest of their lives. it is also a magical place of opportunity for humans to get up close and personal and submerge themselves in many wonderful animals lives. and it is a place where a gentle and kind cow can become famous. over the years i am sure at least a thousand people have met him and walked away feeling his light warmly glowing inside.

when i look back at where percy and the others came from to where they are now...they are not just some sad and nameless beings behind wire cages in shelters waiting til their time is up, or breathing meat on the way to the slaughterhouse, they are not forgotten like pops was in some field, or starving on the street like black bart....they have names now and they are real...and magical to many of us.

it is the wonder of possiblity...the magic of opportunity that finally brought them into our reality where we can see and feel and know them.

they are no longer some childhood fantasy of longing...we found them again after we grew up.

animals are the bridge back into our childhood where all was supposed to be good, right and fair. animals are the bridge back and forward for us to become better people living better lives..they teach us about caring, respect and just being..the happiness in the pure light of life.



Carol, if I ever start a sanctuary this post is getting framed and being put on the lobby wall for all to see everytime they walk through the door (with proper credit to you, of course!)

Carol Ann

I think we all feel that way most of the time. There is a lot of work to be done to make all the animals comfortable and we run out of time. I always wish I could have cuddled and held them a little longer than I did or in the case of the big animals just spent more time with them. There are a lot of us there so they do get a lot of love. Sounds like Brent gets more than his share lol Lucky guy.

Bunny Horne

This is SO TRUE, every word. As a weekend warrior I am thrilled to work in the barnyard area. Percy and even sweet Emily are always curious and involved in the weekend warrior activities. Yesterday morning for example was Emily saying "MOO" or was she telling me to "MOOOOVE" and get the hay out to them faster. I got the feeling it was the latter. It is hysterical to watch Percy supervising Brent whenever he is doing handiman tasks in the riding ring. He licks his head, his neck, takes the hat off Brent's head, sticks his tongue in the tool bag and removes tools. One day Percy removed Brent's phone from his back pocket with his huge tongue. I sometimes feel I am not giving Percy the attention he craves and he lets you know it. Yes, apparently it's necessary for all of thet cows to pile into the goat house just at the moment you want to clean it. Apparently it is necessary to give your wheel barrow a little push and knock it over so you stay a little longer in the riding ring with them. And the best, one of my favorite things to do is get the brush out, be prepared to be pushed and shoved as Percy and Emily fight for you to brush them. "Brush me". "No, Brush me". No Me. It is amazing that these huge beasts and particularly Percy can make you feel comfortable, loved and even safe in his presence. I often feel bad that I haven't spent enough of my work day with Percy.