Rescue Journal

tiger woods was euthanized today

Carol  ·  Jul. 26, 2011

he passed peacefully at the vets. tiger was a great cat, he came in at 16 years old and for the past four years has blessed us with his gentleness and kindness. it is a testimony to his strength and will that tiger lived his 20 years of life with dignity and grace..(except for every single morning when he tried to barge past me into the forbidden bathroom..then he wasn't so graceful...but he sure was fast!)

we will all miss tiger snoozing on the dryer or slurping from the kitchen tap...all of our 20+ year olds have now passed away and i so miss our very special ancient kitchen cats.

rest in peace tiger woods, you were loved and are already greatly missed.




Aaaaw so sorry to see this today :( 2 of my 3 cats are tap drinkers too. RIP Tiger Woods, you can now drink freely from the fresh water in the stream that runs under the rainbow bridge.


So sorry about your loss of Tiger Woods. We lost our Brownie a couple of weeks ago at age around twenty-one, he also was a handsome dark tabby tuxedo fellow with, we're betting, a similar special personality.


ahh i am so sorry yes the kitchen sink will not be the same without you, but how many kitties get to really be kitchen sink cats you were special and i am sure you knew that. hope you have a a great big tap where you are now. drink freely and remember us. rip

Ann C

Now we have no more sink kitties, how sad....sweet dreams Tiger, the kitchen won't be the same without you!