Rescue Journal

one of those days....

Carol  ·  Jul. 29, 2011

fergus had his sutures out...everything healed up great.

new incoming..some are already here. today mo and i picked up the first ones...
2 old spca cruelty seizures...tess is a VERY fat senior sheltie/border collie cross, totally deaf, partially crippled with a mouth full of rotten teeth...mostly sheltie but you can't tell because she weighs 60 pounds! plus they had to shave her back end and tail due to severe fecal matting so officially she is without a doubt the most homely of any and all past and present saints dogs. little big bud is totally says actually were able to find a fatter dog than me????? tess may be really homely but she is totally sweet.....we will be testing her for both thyroid and cushings disease.

kristy is a senior teacup poodle who needs an eye out and also has a mouthful of rotten teeth. she is not much bigger than mini-me and she too is totally sweet.
both of them are already blended into the big dog room and my bed room..they moved in and fit in with barely a blink of an eye. i have to say from a communal shelter's point of view, animals from hoarding seizures are by far the easiest to easily fit in...they are already used to many animals around them and they do really appreciate the increased cleanliness and good care around here too.
more animals will probably be coming in next week...they are starting to test the cats and i said we had room for some feline leukemia cats. so we should know by monday or tuesday, how many positives need in and decide then how many we can provide a decent home for.

in the mean time..i need to be thinking of setting up an isolation area initally for them because some have URI and all of them have severe ear mites so it will be a couple of weeks before they are healthy enough to move into the feline leukemia area...i don't want them bringing any new illnesses or virus's in to our immuno-compromised but currently healthy feline leukemia guys.

i will be posting and asking for help in setting this up and providing the extra care for the first couple of weeks...many sick cats confined in cages (probably over in the hideaway suite) is going to really impact the workload here and we will need extra volunteer help to meet their initial physical and emotional needs.

if anyone is available during the week...mornings or afternoons or evenings to help out here and there...please let me know and i will compile a list and have a good idea how many we have the human resources to actually care for. this will just be temporary til they are well enough to move into the feline leukemia room.



Jenn and I can help out on Sundays if something needs to be done while we are there.


i can help out let me know when you need ne and what i have to do see you on the weekend anyways.


I will be back next thursday and can help out late afternoon / eves if you need me


Hey Carol. I fed the medical guys plus Maestro and Sage before I left tonight.
Marvin ate a full can of friskies, no problem.
Granny didn't care too much for the friskies so I gave her a jar of baby food, which she nicely cleaned up.
Not sure if you wanted to give her another jar since she really enjoyed her first.


Since there are currently only 3 FeLeuks I can spend some time with the new guys on the days I am there.