Rescue Journal

bumpy nose

Carol  ·  Jul. 30, 2011

meanie sweetie has bumps all over her nose...renee and i thought maybe she had stuck her nose in stinging nettles...angelina today correctly pointed out that it looks just like the bumps lucky gets on her nose..hmmm yes it does for sure! either it is pemphigus or it is lupus (i can't remember what the vets decided finally on lucky's was one of the 2)..but whatever it is she has to stay out of the bright sunlight now and we will treat it with steriods too.
IF meanie sweetie was a person...she would be freaking out over the bumps on her nose...but since she is a dog, she is tolerating the inflammation really well and she doesn't give a ratz ass about how she looks.

the moral of this story is...if one is going to be inflicted with bumpy is better if one is a dog. a human would totally freak out to have bumpy nose and a dog doesn't really care all that much.


but..i am being greedy tonight and having a shallow bath! can change the ducks pools tomorrow if you want and you can use the house water if the hose won't reach from the barn water tanks since the house tank is currently full.

also mo?..pops needs two water buckets...the one was bone dry when i put him to bed. i gave him a second one but can you find a clip for it somewhere if you have time please? (i tied it with a piece of string.)

updates on the newbies...

i LOVE ewok and smokey..totally great dogs and they are getting the hang of it around here now too. they have their twin saints routine down pat now...spend the early part of the day at the barn with a couple of quick swims for ewok and a walk ot two in the fields.... then head back to the house to nap in the same bed until meds or feeding time arrives. go back to bed to nap some more til i come home from work and then follow me around so i can kiss and rub their heads until they are ready for bed again but only after the evening snacks and meds are finished too.

i LOVE jedi and yoda...two totally sweet and gentle little fuzzy shitz-heads...yoda loves his back and butt rubbed, jedi prefers a nice and long belly rub instead!

i LOVE tessa and kristy..i call kristy... krusty cuz she chases mini-me off the pillows at night. no one has ever dared to challenge the mini so mini is upset and comes sucking up to me for cuddles instead. i like cuddling mini's so i don't mind that she is upset. krusty also likes to stare out the window and bark non stop at the cats lounging around in the outside cat run...for some reason it totally pisses her off. on my lunch break today i watched the tiny krusty one running back and forth across the upper field over and over again. i have no idea what she was doing but she seemed to like doing it so that was good. i am pretty sure her heart is totally destroyed from her gawd awful rotten mouth. she goes in to the vets on thursday for bloodwork and to discuss a major dental and eye removal for her. mo thinks maybe the teeth have sinus tracked up to her eye on that side and ruined it for her...maybe...i will ask the vet what he thinks.

tessa got shaved...she is homely in a different more naked way but i think she feels much more comfortable. diana thinks she is mostly border collie...whatever, she is probably right... all i know is she is black and white and totally freaking obese. i almost got sort of teary when she toddled out to the upper field to join us at lunch time. that old, fat, crippled, rotten mouthed dog who can barely walk and only with a great deal of effort...was playing with a can't decide if my heart was broken because she is so destroyed or if it was full to overflowing with joy because she felt good enough to play.
tessa goes in for her vet check next friday...almost same deal...bloodwork and to discuss a major dental and maybe a gentle weight loss plan....both of her eyes are good.

granny was at the vets today for an exam and bloodwork...she has been going down hill and it was time we found out why. the bloodwork should be back on monday and then we can decide what she needs.

i think the only newbie cat is cocoa since stanley found himself a home. cocoa is doing really well...he gets along with the other cats just fine and i think he likes the company. i am loving cocoa too! he is a nice cat and doesn't piss on everything in sight altho he does accidently dripple urine because of his past surgeries..but that is not intentional like it is with the fruit loops and conan the barbarian. cocoa just can't help that he leaks...i think that is all the newbie updates...remind me if i forgot someone!


Bunny Horne

Carol, MO and KO, sorry we couldn't get out until tomorrow (Monday) but are trapped in the west end with Pride festivities.
Brent and I ARE bringing lots of water with us tomorrow - hopefully we can get cover most of the barn guys water needs for the day at least.

MO & Dionne - I picked up a Costco box of granola bars for Edith - will leave them in the food room.

Carol. MO & Dionne - Brent will rig up a permanent hook system for Pops water tomorrow so he can't spill his water going forward. Also Brent bought clamps so that he can mend the door to Edith's pen.


Regarding Meanie Sweetie. Pemphigus and Lupus are not real common. I wouldn't rule out a run in with stinging nettle or some type of allergic reaction if this is the first you've seen of it. Cheers Sherie


On the subject of spraying cats and totally not Saints related - On Friday my cat Hardcase vanished. I let him and Al outside for a bit after feeding them at 4:30 AM. When I checked to see if they wanted back in both were sitting on the front step but didn't want in. A little later when I scooped Al to give his insulin Hardcase was gone. He is a black and white DSH tom with pinking sheared ears. I will leave a picture when I go up to Saints later. I live on the west side of Mission around Wren & Scott (604)826-0680. Hardcase if about 16 years old and this is totally out of character. He might wander into the neighbours' yards but that is as far as he goes. If anyone sees him please call.


she is great...fully recovered...she has settled into the medical room cute...she sleeps under blankets in her favourite chair....just a little round bump to let you know she is there!