Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 1, 2011

love you...miss you....hope you have a GREAT day!!!!



lynne arnason

yes happy bday jenn. i also noticed tess s butt wonder if she has the same thing as big bambi hopefully it will not take too long to fix. i also noticed she is a very smart girl.yesterday i had all the animals shut outside while i cleaned the big dog room. i had the door open about an inch. they all sat there and whined but tess just shoved her nose in the inch of space and they all came happily trotting in. she is so very sweet but that whine of kristys is very demanding. i had to lift her off the bed, then back i was showing her how to climb down the stairs next to the bed.; why do all little dogs have that almost grating on the nerves bark and whine.