Rescue Journal

half full/half empty

Carol  ·  Aug. 2, 2011

barn bed time last night was a bit of a fiasco...they had broken the clasp connecting the two gates and everyone was in the upper field...including pops and the cows. then it was round up time..getting horses/donkey to go where i wanted them along with the goats and the sheep. the cows i left alone...they were quietly grazing on the other side of the field which was a convenient placement for me. it took a long time to move everyone around without the cows figuring out that something interesting (like dinner) was going on.

note to myself...pick up a heavy duty, non breakable gate clasp.

anyway, with patience and stealth i managed to avoid any dumbell dinner stampedes but it took a long time because pete kept sneaking into the wrong areas each time i tried to quietly move somebody else.

so tess has a problem. she keeps getting herself up on the couch and then she can't get off again. this is because the couch goes down at the back of the seat and when she gets her butt in there, she hasn't the extra strength that she needs to push herself up again to get off. that slight backwards decline, totally messes the fat lady up.

so after the 3rd time last night i had to help her off...i said to her..."tess, don't go up on the couch if you can't get off!"

tess just looked at me cheerfully and said..."the point is not that i can't get off on my is that i can get up on my own...and that makes me happy cuz i like it up here"...(except when she has to go pee.)

tess is one of those "the cup is half full" kind of dogs and she is happy that the couch is half full with her.

which would be fine...but i am now half empty of sleep.



Oh, also forgot to say that we will include a few packages of treats too.


hi angela..sorry i missed this...thx so much. no one is on it now but someone probably will be in the future so if you would like to send it over that wouuld be great!


hi cheryl...i don't know. the adoption inquiries go to dawn and i don't hear about them til the final stages of the process.


oh oh i sent you a pic of my friends grandkids as part of a table topper. she was going to have that pic and 2 more of 2 dogs at saints. we will figure it out.


Hi Lynne, I will update sponsorship of tables and animals when I get home from Vancouver this afternoon.

Those who are sponsoring tables, don't forget to email Jenn pictures of what you would like on your table topper.

Bunny Horne

Sheila, I am sending a cheque to you from Leia Cairns -sponsorship for Joey and my personal cheque for $100 - Brent's sponsorship of Ellie Mae - $25 and my sponsorship of Mini Me - $25, Carl - $25 and Pops - $25. I'm enclosing stamped envelopes to save time and stamps when you are ready to release the tax receipts. Money should go in the mail today or tomorrow.


Carol - can you use about 60 tablets of 5 mg benazepril (the generic form of Fortekor)? I sent you an email, but not sure if you got it. Let me know if you can and if so, I will mail them to you ... I'd rather not dispose of them if someone else can use them. Thanks.


Mo - I work at Bute and Pender and I think you work nearby. I have made a hooked cushion for the September fund raiser. Could I pass it to you and you can take it out to SAINTS for me? You can email me at


hey sheila, can you update us on the sponsorships of the tables and who is left to sponsor from the animals. thanks. i am sending my money by cheque in the mail for 2 table sponsorships and animal sponsors. laura b is sending the money in via paypal for our table for 8. will send the cheques today. thanks again.

Bunny Horne

Carol, Brent and I are back this coming Sunday (7th) - if you can get your heavy duty latch and can cope with unruly barn dudes till Sunday he will get everything secured for you.


Here's a Ha Ha from my afternoon at home on sunday.

On Friday one of my cats was interested in the fireplace.. I figured there were spiders behind the cushion draft stopper I have in front..on Sat one of my other cats was carefully looking in & poking at the draft stopper..I make a mental note " add clean fireplace to my to-do list" and go about my business.

Now I have glass doors on my fireplace that are hard to open & behind them is the wire Sunday afternoon I sit down on the couch & out of the corner of my eye ..there is movement.. OMG there is a Squirel trapped in my fireplace..poor thing was between the glass & the screen desperatley trying to find a way out . I spent the next 45 minutes trying to figure out a way to get him out without anyone getting hurt ( remember I KNOW what a squirel bite feels like.. fool me once shame on me.. yada yada yada ) long story short after many attempts , with just as many heart stopping momemnts of trying to get the squirel into a cat carrier ..while not allowing it to escape into the house.. I gave up. I put all the cats in one room, put the dogs in the van with the air on & shut all bedroom & bathroom doors & opened all windows & doors AND the fireplace doors.. the grey squirel..checked out the surrondings..hopped down onto the floor & I slowly herded her out of my house & watched her hop across the deck, lawn & then scurry up a tree. So if this ever happens to you... don't waste your time with the box or carrier .