Rescue Journal

the warped and whacky world of minnie pearle

Carol  ·  Aug. 5, 2011

today i can see the beauty of an outhouse...too bad we don't have one.
no water, no toilet....ripples in the blown hot water tank pond....i am pretty sure i replaced that hot water tank 6 years ago..i think it should have lasted longer than that. everything we make now a days is just cheap crap...nothing lasts very long any more. propholatically i better get the tank in the shop looked at, it was put in about the same time..if it blows it will flood the bottom shop floor and that will be a total least the house crawl space is just an absorbent dirt floor.

tess doesn't use the dog door...she opens the sliding glass door to go in and out instead. at 6 am i was standing at the dry kitchen sink contemplating how to wash up my dishes...tess offerred an interesting show to watch instead....i saw her shove her nose...her head...her big shoulders into the widening crack to force it open...A. it looked like hard work...and B. it looked painful...if she keeps doing that she is going to bruise her face and her shoulder fat.
she is quite a weird and determined dog...nothing like doing it the hard way when she could just go easily in and out thru the easy dog flap.
i wish i could see into her head..i think that dog must have fascinating thought processes.

the new cats are settling in...blanche and marj have gone into hiding behind their couch. we will probably have to pull them out and cage them cuz giving them meds in behind there will be too hard plus we need to make sure they are both eating which we can't if they are hiding back there.
the other three are doing just fine...bea is a love muffin and bonnie and desi are pretty sweet too.

there are actually more animals here overall than where they originally came from.... is also a thousand percent cleaner and nicer here too....(apparently according to the story in the newspaper, after the animals were taken out the house was condemned.) hopefully blanche and marj will get happy, sooner than later would be great all around!

i made myself a nice rainbow sherbert milkshake last night but someone came here (it was was prearrranged!) and i left it untasted and unattended on the computer desk. by the time i got back to it minnie pearle was just finishing it off..the cup was rolling around on the floor, there was not a single drop left anywhere to be found and minnie pearle was licking her lips and looking around for more.
minnie pearle said it was really good...sighing sadly.... i wouldn't know.

minnie pearle is turning into a total food freak...she jumps me now if she thinks i am even remotely possibly about to eat is a good thing she is so old and wrecked and has such an intently adorable face or i might not think she is so funny. her begging manners suck.... begging nicely is a delicate art....there is nothing delicate or fine about her begging technique.

if i am ever found dead here and am missing any limbs..i am telling you in advance to look closely at minnie pearle...she won't be able to tolerate missing any meals....hopefully she passes on to the happy sherbert rainbow bridge before me cuz if i go first and she gets the munchies....i might be missing some parts.



and really why would you deprive minnie pearl of any food. human or not lol


i remember saying i had seen tess pushing her nose through the big dog room door last sunday. she was having no part of me not letting her in. it was too funny she wormed her way into the room much to the happiness of all the dogs. who soon followed her it was hillarius.

Bunny Horne

Off topic - Sheila - my Gala Tickets arrived. Thanks so much. Gotta go VOTE - we cannot slip into third place - no siree.

Carol - I spit water on my keyboard with your sherbet milkshake story. Too funny.


After watching Shark week programs all week on discovery the picture of a body missing limbs is all to vivid.

Ann C

Carol that is too funny, I am leaving for my vacation with visions of severed, half chewed limbs on the computer room floor and Minnie Pearl with a smug satisfied look on her angelic face. lol I love that doggie!